Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

The field of medical science is flourishing day by day and the basic requirements are more effortless to be satisfied. In other words, the average time of life grows significantly.  One can find lots of different civilizations which lead their lives in different ways. The average lifetime for an individual is about 75 to 80 years. But with some exceptions, studies and researches have revealed that in every developed country, a woman’s lifespan is as a minimum of five years more than a man’s life. With almost all strides made towards the prevention as well as treatment of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other life menacing diseases, women still outlast men by a clear-cut margin.

Here are some reasons why women live longer than men:

  • Increase of certain count of fetal cells in mother after pregnancy. This results in enhanced immune system.
  • Giving birth to offspring is one of the prime reasons why women tend to live longer than one who do not.
  • In addition, they have some special genes which slow down the process of aging and in turn, lessens the possibility of getting stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
  • The number of X chromosomes also plays a very crucial role in the women lifespan. As women by nature have two X chromosomes, the normal one will be utilized rather than faulty one in case if there is any abnormality on any of them. In these instances, women have turned out to be a carrier of disease yet not its victim.
  • Menopause is a factor that determines one’s lifespan. Only very few creatures menstruate along with women and whales.
  • The progressive force required to forward genes and necessitates staying alive and get hold of maximum amount of children will be a few of the natural forces which allow women to live a longer life than men.
  • The chances for women to outlast men during the starting twenty five years are above four times higher due to men’s testosterone. This causes decrease in age; however the gap still leftovers in favor of the women. Because of these stress hormones, young males are very aggressive and have increased levels of bad cholesterol that leads to stroke or heart disease.
  • By contrast, female sex hormone oestrogen will lower the harmful cholesterol to raise the amount of good cholesterol. Even some studies have shown that oestrogen treatment followed by menopause will dramatically minimize the risk of fatal death, particularly from stroke or heart diseases.
  • Women who have the practice of drinking or smoking are under excessive stress and are also overweight. In reality, there is never a gap that exists between the female and the male smokers.
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