What Plants Should you Have in Your Garden?


Here is a brief synopsis for making a herb garden, having all the aromatic herbs used in every cuisine along with medicinal benefits and you can easily grow them!

These herbs are used in almost all cuisines. They not only add flavor and aroma to your food but also have several medicinal benefits. Also ayurveda lists many benefits of herbs in recovering from different diseases. Here are some of the healthy herbs that you can use in your Herb Garden.


Every garden is fragmentary without this herb, It is popularly known as TULASI and has tons of benefits including culinary, medicinal, and ayurvedic uses. Hinduism regards this as a holy plant with the incarnation of Goddess Vrinda and considers it as a sign of good luck and prosperity. It has a peppery flavor accompanied by a strong aroma. It is used in many mocktails and shallow fried dishes.


Soups and salads are incomplete without the aromatic flavors blended with the earthy aroma of Coriander. It is popularly cherished in Asia cooking for salads, portions of pasta, and curries. And it is a popular kitchen herb due to its fresh curled leaves used for garnishing the dishes. It’s a tender plant that can be harvested throughout the year plus the entire plant is edible along with this it has medicinal benefits and boosts our hemoglobin.


This is a vital herb with tons of medicinal benefits the roots of the plant have maximum medicinal benefits and are used by Ayurveda for centuries for curing ailments like depression, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder, OCD, Insomnia and also help maintain Blood sugar levels, Cortisol levels, high cholesterol levels.


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Believed by the Greeks to be the most efficient herb for the brain. It is highly renowned medicine for boosting memory. Rosemary is a particularly nutritious herb to grow in your garden. It has beautiful fragment leaves in between blossoming white and purple flowers. The plant is highly used by decorating herb gardens and is used in puddings too.


Fennel is highly aromatic and has a licorice taste. Due to which it is used in many salty and savory dishes. It is the main ingredient of the chutneys and pickles. Also its tender leaves can be used for garnishing sauces and puddings.


It’s also known as spearmint and is renowned as the “ World’s Oldest Medicine ” for reaping its medicinal benefits from 10,000 years ago. It comprises of a very refreshing taste and pleasant aroma due to which it’s the major ingredient of chutney, salads, summer drinks, and sauces.  Mint leaves help to refrain from a sore throat, cramps, Arthritis, Diarrhea, Fatigue, and flatulence.

Soon you will have a herb garden that’s full of aromatic and tasty delights that can be used in the kitchen by your whole family to cherish.