What are the top winter food to include in the diet?


Winters are almost here. So, it’s important to keep yourself fit and healthy. And with this virus spreading around it has become even more essential. Winters make your body weak so you have to be extra careful about your health.so it’s important to eat healthy to maintain your immunity. Here are a few things that you can add in your diet this winter.

Eat Green vegetables

As winter produces a wide range of green vegetables. Adding green vegetables like palak, methi, pudina and green lasun especially. Green lasun helps boost your immunity and is anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin C

To make your body winter-ready is not possible without adding fruits and vegetables like orange, grapes, tomatoes, red pepper, amla and more which are rich in vitamin C. Adding enough amount of vitamin C to your diet can help you build your immunity and will keep you healthy.

Eat fat

Adding fat in your diet can be healthy. Eat eggs, fish, lean meat, cheese and more as they are rich in protein and boost your immunity. Also, it’s equally important to have it in a balanced amount. Otherwise, you may end up gaining weight.

Vitamin D

Including food enriched with vitamin D in your diet is important. As winters affect your bones the most. So make sure you have enough amount of vitamin D in your diet to strengthen your bones.

Nuts and seeds

But and seeds keeps your body warm as they generate heat. Adding nuts like almonds and cashews ( dates, pistachios and walnuts are also a good option) to your diet can boost your immunity in winters. Having seeds can improve your resistance against seasonal changes.

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Turmeric is known for its various health benefits. Having turmeric in winter can help you fight infections, reduces inflammation. Having a pinch of turmeric with milk every night can be very beneficial in winters.

Being healthy is not only about eating healthy.

You have to add exercising to your routine as well. This winter give some time to achieve your goals and to have some vital lifestyle changes. To be energetic during the winter season, be sure to have the proper amount of protein, nutrients and be hydrated. Make your health and fitness your priority.