Weight Loss and Simple Home Remedies


Being obese in today’s time is one of the biggest threat. Many obese people are non-intentionally vulnerable to many diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, other cardiovascular diseases, paralysis and gangrene. Hence many physicians advice to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced weight.

Ayurveda teaches several ways to reduce one’s weight. Ayurveda does not believe in chemicals. Just like it treats other disease without any chemicals it helps you shed the weight in the same way. It stresses on making a person follow a healthier lifestyle. This article is about home remedies that can lead people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Home remedies are just so simple!

Remedy 1: This is not a remedy, it is just some tips to live a healthy life without any side effects to it. These are some remedies to keep your waistline healthy

1) Don’t eat a similar type of food. Have a balanced diet.
2) Consume a minimum amount of sugars and fats in your food.
3) Rice and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and too much of carbohydrates build weight. Other options against rice are barley, maize and wheat.
4) You must include one bitter gourd in your diet. It increases metabolism of fats and does not allow them to accumulate in the body.
5) Don’t over eat and don’t eat till you are full.
6) Consume a lot of water. This helps in proper digestion of food.
7) Exercising is very important. After a meal it is very important to have a walk.

Remedy 2: Once in a week don’t consume salt in your food. This helps you to shed those pounds you were cranky about. Skip you meal twice in a month.

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Remedy 3: Grind mint leaves and include the paste with every meal. It breaks down the fat properly. Start your day with a cup of fresh mint tea.

Remedy 4: Green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin c. include them in your diet in the form of salads and boiled vegetables. Also consuming three fruits of Indian gooseberry a day helps in increasing the vitamin c content in your body. Drink orange, lemon or sweet lime juice once in a day.

Remedy 5: Honey is a very good content to mobilize fat in the body. Consume a spoonful of honey half an hour after every meal. Mix a spoonful of honey in your lemon juice and have it twice a day. Also you can mix honey and lemon juice in a bowl of water and drink it early in the morning on empty stomach. It dissolves the extra fat.

Remedy 6: The Indian plum also known as Jambula in India is apparently known to help shed those pounds, weights and calories. Soak four leaves of Jambula plant in water overnight and discard the leaves in the morning. Consume this water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Repeat this every day,you will find in a few days that you have reduced a lot more than a reasonable amount of weight!

Weight Loss and Simple Home Remedies