Weight Loss Myths That You Must Know


#1. Weight Loss Myth: detox stands for clean start
“Most of the time, detox diets are more like a crash diet, They restrict certain food groups and sometimes deprive the body of adequate calories and nutrition for a short period of time. When the body feels deprived and then foods are reintroduced, our bodies will regain more weight as if in fear of another starvation or restriction,” Melissa Rifkin, MS, RD, a bariatric dietitian at Montefiore Health System in New York City.

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#2. Weight Loss Myth: hit the gym to get results
“This can lead to injury or burnout, which keeps you from participating in any exercise at all. It’s demoralizing and can lead to behaviors that cause even more weight gain. For most people, it can be much more effective and sustainable to gradually build muscle and tolerance, and do those exercises you enjoy.”Abraham Krikhely, MD, a bariatric surgeon at ColumbiaDoctors in New York City.

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#3. Weight Loss Myth: Fat makes you fatty

“In a review of 53 randomized controlled trials lasting a year or more, high-fat diets consistently beat out low-fat diets for weight loss. Fat, it turns out, cuts your appetite, boosts your calorie burning and prevents fat storage, while sugar and refined carbs do the opposite. The fastest and most effective way to create sustained weight loss,” hMark Hyman, MD, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and author of Eat Fat, Get Thin

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