Wearable technology for being healthy!…Really?

Wearble technology in health
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Time and again, the expansion in the modern day technology is making us improve our health conditions. With the growth and reach of wearable technology, it has become very convenient for us to depend on the wonders of such technology, which empowers us with the ability to check upon our health and introduce ways means to improve it.

Here is a basic example of the wearable healthcare technology:

Pedometers: It has been a year since the fitness tracker has been introduced for the health conscious individuals. The device is portable whose basic task is to count each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the hip portion of the individual. This is originally used by the fitness and sports trainer, but now it has become popular among the health freaks who prefer to use this wearable technology to improve their performance. Often worn in the form of a belt, the device can record the number of steps an individual takes in a day.

When the wearable technologies were introduced before, the focus was on the fitness, but suddenly there has been an increase in wellness and healthcare maintenance. Now, the focus of the device is mainly to keep track of the heart related disease, the rising sugar level or blood pressure of an individual. These modern day devices have served as an easy solution to check and report the body’s function. No need to call anyone from the medical department to take charge of the duty. You can easily train yourself to check your pulse rate, heart level, sugar and blood pressure with the help of these wearable technology.

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The advantage of wearable technology is that it is provided to engage the patient with health and increasing self-management, which will eventually result in a positive relationship between the patient and the doctor. It seeks the cure and solutions to the existing problem as well. Researchers and developers are engaged in the program of developing more such wearable technology which would help the patient in detecting the cause, symptoms and the nature of the disease.

However, the current obstacle that lies in the development and progress of the wearable technology is that of attracting more and more public to use it and maintain it for a longer period of time. The real benefit of the technology will come only when it integrated and shared among the public. Sceptics can also argue in favour of rejecting the technology in its lack of understanding and grasping the content of the disease as opposed to the benefits provided in the world of medicine.

Human beings in general are very cautious about their health. With the introduction of wearable technology, they may take time to learn and understand the benefits of using it. In a world where everyone seeks to be self-sufficient in looking after one’s own health, the wearable technology can create a revolution in the lifestyle of human beings. All that is required is, simply the effort of understanding the benefits of using it.


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