Health tips to stay sneeze free

health tips to stay sneeze free

Sneezing is a very common disease which can happen to anyone. It can happen due to cold and it can mostly happen due to the exposure to various allergic particles. For instance, if a person goes out on the site of construction, where lots of dusts are being exposed to him, he/she won’t control himself and suddenly start to sneeze uncontrollably. The prime step is to recognize the things that make you sneeze and then help accordingly to control yourself from sneezing. Here are some of the other things, you can do to help yourself from sneezing uncontrollably.
• Cover yourself with a handkerchief, before going to dust allergic site: If you know that you are venturing into an unknown area, which is polluted, you must immediately cover your head cos the allergic dust will instigate you to sneeze uncontrollably. One of the most natural things, you can do to stay sneeze free is to be aware about the environment around you.
• Do not get wet in the rain: Most of us carelessly get wet in the rain without thinking of the consequences. Those who easily catch cold suffer from sneezing which is difficult to go.
• Use home made remedy: Naturally cooked home made remedies can cure the problem of sneezing to a large extent. Home made tea – black tea can help get off the cold. Eating a healthy diet can boost your immunity system and therefore you are not prone to get affected by cold and sneezing easily.
• Eat food items which are rich in Vitamin C: Broccoli, Citrus rich fruits, Tomatoes can help a lot in keeping you sneeze free. Nuts which are rich in such diet have been shown to protect against the growing symptoms of staying sneeze free.
• Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is known to trigger lots of allergies and sneezing is one such outcome of consuming alcohol. Therefore, if you drink too much and you are getting frequent cold and sneezing effect, it is suggested that you quit drinking alcohol before the situation turns serious.
• Ask for the doctor’s help: Frequent sneezing is not good and this is the sign that your body is giving that something is wrong with the body. Visit a doctor and seek for his advice and take a proper medication which is vital and necessary to get rid of the sneezing effect from the body.

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