keep your home allergy free

keep your home allergy free

As they say “Home is where the heart is”, but little do we know that the hearty home is being damaged and polluted by lots of unseen and uncalled factors that triggers various kinds of allergies in our bodies. Naturally so, every home has a window or a door or walls from where the dust is accumulated. Allergies are born from the various corners of the house which your eyes fail to ignore.
But if you give a little attention to your home, you can easily maintain an allergy free environment from home. Here are some of the simplest ways in which you can work on creating a healthy home:
• Find out what makes you allergic: The most common offenders to allergic are mold,pollens,dust mites and others. There’s no point in cleaning the entire house or making possible changes if you do not address the allergy. There are individuals who are allergic to rats and keeping your doors and windows open, can invite lots of rats in the house.
• Begin with the bedroom: Cover your mattresses and pillows with fine covers. This won’t let the unwanted dust to settle on your bed covers. Therefore, when you are resting on them, the body is not getting infected from allergy. It is important to keep your bed clean so that you get a good night sleep on them.
• Remove your shoes on entering the room: Tell your family members and guests to remove their shoes or slippers upon entering the room. The doormats must be spread on the threshold of the house/room so that the guests can clean their feet and enter the room. Shoes and slippers spread allergens around which are not good for the health.
• Take the help of your Vaccum cleaner: Vaccum cleaners are especially made to trap the particles as finer as 0.3 microns – they are successful is capturing most of the allergens.
• Fight the molds: The favourite place of the molds is the bathroom and that’s where they usually grow. But if the bathroom is kept clean and is subjected to occasional repairs and changing of the tiles, you can get rid of many molds to be there in the bathroom. Above all, keep the bathroom clean and hygienic and no allergen shall irritate or harm your body.
These are simple and subtle ways in which you can keep your home clean and free from allergies. Above all, what is required is for an individual to keep a constant watch at the factors which can increase the allergies in human beings.

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