Using your SMART phones in a healthy way


Your phone may be your best friend but it could soon turn out to be the dangerous enemy. In a world where exposure to the harmful rays produced from the phone could be the cause of a deadly disease like cancer, the phone lover must take serious lessons from proper usage of phone. Instead, you can transform your life by making the best use of the phone. Choose healthy ways to use your smart phone and live a blissful life. Here are some of the ways in which you can use your smart phone to lead a health way of life.

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  • Choose your food to make healthy food choices: When you are shopping for usual day grocery items, use your phone to remind you to select the organic and natural food instead of processed one. Identify your dangerous temptations which can make you fall sick. As soon as you try that, your phone can possibly remind you to stop indulging in harmful food and lead a healthy life.
  • Your phone can be your fitness teacher: You do not need a trainer to be fit and healthy. Install the numerous fitness applications that teach you how to lead a fit and a healthy life. But you must make it a point to religiously follow the specifications mentioned in the application. So your healthy app can teach you to do the proper exercise, eat the right kind of food and also check on the number of push-ups that you intend to take in a day to build as healthy and fit body.
  • Play stress-free games: In order to divert the mind from unhealthy and negative thoughts, you must play stress free games to engage your brain in a light activity. This is especially recommended to workaholics who need to take break from their everyday work and find a good source of entertainment. Ensure that you do not get addicted to the game and play it only when you are free from work or you need to take break from it.
  • Listen to music/Watch video: Entertainment is necessary to keep the flow of life going. Music helps in healing and funny videos can make you laugh. Use the best of the modern day technology by entertaining yourself to the best of the creative minds available in the world of smart phones to take away your stress and give you a better life.
  • Install spiritual applications: We all need words of wisdom to carry on with life. Install applications which give you the exposure to famous quotes, inspiring words filled with knowledge and wisdom to keep calm in life. This can help you give a thoughtful approach to everyday situations in life.
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Apart from all these recommended healthy steps, you must sleep properly without keeping your phone under the pillow. Follow these simple and natural practices and lead a better life. Do not get carried away by the harmful and negative effects of smart phones. Use technology wisely and benefit yourself in life.


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