Type 2 Diabetes: Overview, Symptoms And Precautions

Type 2 Diabetes: Overview, Symptoms And Precautions
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Type 2 diabetes is a common disease across the globe that attacks people of almost all age groups. It’s the most common form of diabetes and the most concerning thing about it is that it can lie inside the human body without showing any serious symptoms. In fact, 1 out of 3 people living with type 2 diabetes don’t even come to know that they’ve it.

As a result, they don’t take the required precautions for preventing the condition from worsening. This turns the problem into a chronic disease that thwarts the usage of carbohydrates taken in food. This whole scenario ultimately results in elevated blood sugar, which overtime increases the risk of various heart diseases, nerve damage, loss of vision and so on.

Therefore, it’s crucial to detect and prevent type 2 diabetes in early stage. In this article we’ll focus on the warning signs of type 2 diabetes and some precautions that can be taken before or after spotting the disease to decelerate its growth:

Warning signs
• Increase in thirst:As I said above, in most cases type 2 diabetes shows no symptoms.However, when symptoms start appearing, the very first ones may include a sudden increase in thirst. This increase in thirst is often accompanied by several other symptoms like dry mouth, increased appetite and frequent urination – sometimes as frequent as once or twice in an hour.
• Sudden weight loss/gain: Another symptom that may appear is a sudden loss or gain in weight.
• Headache: As blood sugar starts moving towards abnormal levels, problems like headache, burred vision and fatigue may appear.
• Infections/slow healing of wounds: Another symptom that appears sometime later is unusual infection or slow healing of cuts and wounds.Yeast infections and itchy skin are more common among patients of diabetes.

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Precautions that can be taken
If you’re noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above, I would highly recommend you to get your blood sugar levels checked. And even if you don’t find yourself suffering from this chronic disease, still there are some precautions that you can take to avoid the problem in future.

Some of the most important ones are given below:

1. Being overweight: Obesity is one of the most common reasons of diabetes around the globe, so it’s always safe to avoid being obese. If meat, fat-rich dairy products, restaurant prepared food and sweets are a good part of your daily diet, you should think about cutting these things down because all these things take you towards obesity from a rapid pace.
2. Managing diet: Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes should carefully take a look at their diet as well. Too much carbohydrates, proteins or fat may fuel the fire of diabetes, so be consistent and careful about their intake. I can’t provide you a fixed figure about the volumes that you should take because it’ll depend largely on the structure of your body and your lifestyle, so it’ll be better if you consult your doctor about it. But what I want to say is that you must be consistent with intake of these elements.
3. Exercise regularly: Regular exercises like walking or strength training help a lot in minimizing the risk of diabetes by improving body’s usage of insulin, which brings the sugar levels down. If you’re already suffering from type 2 diabetes you should definitely find at least 30 minutes for exercise daily in your routine.
There you have it – 5 warning signs and 3 precautions that’ll help you in preventing type 2 diabetes. If you have any other tips that may help in preventing this chronic disease, please do let us know about them in comments!

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