Top Skin Care Clinics In Hyderabad


Skin care is not just about looking appealing. It is also about being fit and healthy. At times, we have to come out of the comforts of our home to care for our skin. There is multiple skin difficulty that needs specialist involvement. With the increase in technology growing at a speedy pace, skin care to have become tech savvy! Glycol peel, Skin Whitening, Laser Hair Removal, Acne Treatment – these are just some of the treatments that a good skincare clinic offers.

Today, every city boasts of a number of skincare clinics. But how do you choose the right clinic? We are providing List of top 8 skin clinics in Hyderabad. If you are in the city of Nawabs and are looking for some skin pampering, head to one of the best skin clinics in the city.


Best Skin Clinics In Hyderabad:

1. Kaya Skin Clinic:

The Kaya skin clinic holds an amazing place in the Indian skincare industry. At Kaya, you can expect people’s attention and the packages that are tailor-made for you. Their ultimate goal is to make you look ravishing and glowing! Kaya gives you perfect beauty with the help of their specialized and professional practitioners. They can zero in on just the right way to pamper your skin. Millions of lives have already been modified through their unique approach, the next life they touch maybe yours!


2. Oliva:

Oliva is a medico-aesthetic clinic, which in layman term means that they not only look to make you beautiful but also take care of the health of your skin. With just the right mixture of technology and medical know-how, Oliva desire to give you beautiful and vigorous skin. Oliva has a super talented staff containing cosmetic dermatologists, trichologists, skin and hair therapists who bring beauty and medical knowledge under one roof for a unique service. Oliva is guided by a group of specialized doctors who analyze your skin and formulate a treatment plan that is just right for you. They provide several services – from simple skin peels to advanced medical strategies – tailor-made for you, because of you as an individual matter to them!

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COSMO is among a very small group of skin clinics in India that is FDA approved. With the FDA stamp of approval, you can safely turn to COSMO for your skin care needs. With a battery of experienced dermatologists and doctors, this skin clinic offers therapies and programs that are well-researched and tested. COSMO maintain high hygiene and safety standards and you can be sure of suffering from no adverse effects when you are at this skin clinic in Hyderabad. At COSMO, you can rest assured, knowing that you are in good hands!


4. La Belle:

For people in South India, La belle Bodycare is a known name. Being the first slimming and skin clinic in Andhra Pradesh, La Belle has garnered a reputation that demands respect. In sync with the best international procedures, this skin clinic is managed by trained doctors and nutritionists. At La Belle, your skin is their business!


5. Blu Skin And Cosmetology Clinic:

At Blu Skin and Cosmetology Clinic, you can be sure of one thing – your skin will get the best the industry has to offer! No matter the intensity and severity of your skin problem, Blu will have a solution. Their mission is to provide excellent skin, hair and body care to all their clients. They have well-trained staffs, who schedule appointments, do follow-ups and help the doctors give maximum comfort to the clients.

With a wide array of treatments on offer, you can walk into any Blu skin and cosmetology clinic and walk out with a smile of satisfaction.

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6. Vcare Medspa:

Vcare Medspa helps you rejuvenate your skin, body, mind, and soul! They cure many skin problems to give you a fresh look. They have excellent services like skin treatments, unwanted hair removal, slimming, relaxation treatments and pain relief massages. Vcare Medspa houses are divided into three divisions, catering to your different needs. At medspa, you can expect the best that medicine has to offer, while the green spa gives your mind and body wholesome nourishment and at the beauty lounge, you can pamper your body to make it look its best.


7. Apollo Cosmetic Clinics:

Apollo Cosmetic Clinics are a part of the Apollo Hospital group. With such a well-known group backing it, it’s no wonder that the Apollo skin clinics have become so popular today. They are known for excellence in the field of cosmetic surgery with fully equipped suites, no side effects, and international standard protocols. They are known to greet patients with a warm and cheerful ambiance, friendly staff and love. The perfect place to let your skin heal and bloom!


8. Dr. Lakshmi Skin And Hair Clinic:

Dr. Lakshmi’s Skin and Hair Clinic was established in the year 2010 at Miyapur, Hyderabad. They treat skin and beauty problems with modern light and laser therapies. They have effective and powerful equipment that provide the best service at reasonable rates. So, if you are looking for skincare that is budget friendly, turn to Dr. Lakshmi’s skin clinic.

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Now that you have all the information needed for beautiful skin, all you need to do is book an appointment! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.