Top hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 in India


India continues to see a downward trend in the positive cases of COVID-19. The government is continuously issuing guidelines to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Recently the private hospitals had also got permission to treat the disease. Now, both the sectors are working hard to cure the COVID-19 patient.

Here are some hospitals in India which are showing the best conversion rates in India:

AIIMS, New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Science is an internationally renowned hospital is the best multispeciality hospital in India. It works under the control of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India. The hospital is extensively managing the patients and developing new guidelines for treatment.

Apollo Hospital Enterprise Delhi

Apollo hospital is a Chennai based hospital performing very well in the treatment of COVID positive cases. The Apollo group is working with that government of 16 other states to allocate the best treatment for the disease. By now the hospital claims to have a conversion data of 30,000 COVID positive cases.

Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon

Another pioneer in multispeciality treatment, Medanta is working phenomenally well to treat COVID patients. Its infection safe environment and diligent staff ensure the maximum safety of the patients.

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis hospital is one of the best medical treatment institutions in India. They are working continuously to bring down the positivity rate by providing the best treatment for COVID-19 disease. The hospital is using AI tools to help citizens to access their risk of coming in contact with coronavirus to screen the patients before they visit the hospital.

Christian Medical College, Vellore

CMC, Vellore is providing COVID-19 treatment at subsidized rates. It is spending a huge amount of effort to secure the patients suffering from the virus. It has adopted various special guidelines and policies regarding the treatment of COVID and set up the internal COVID command center to provide 360-degree monitoring to the patients.

Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai

Kasturba hospital situated at Chinchpokli, Mumbai is a civic-run infectious disease hospital. The state government has decided to shift the COVID-19 patients to the hospitals catering to the COVID cases solely. The hospital is consistently contributing to reducing the effect of coronavirus in the most prone region of the country.

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