Top benefits of drinking lemon water: Benefits, Myths, Dangers


Lemon water is appealed to have powerful health and weight loss benefits.

In fact, many superstars pledge by it and there are even diets based completely on lemons.

This article uses precise suggestion to discover the benefits and myths of lemon water.


What is lemon water?

Lemon Water
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Lemon water is only the juice from lemons blended with water.

The quantity of lemon you use differs on your individual liking, and this drink can be relished whichever way, it can be cold or hot.

Some people also prefer to enhance by adding lemon rind, mint leaf or other elements.

Lemon water has to turn out to be a widespread morning drink since it’s been appealed to aid in improving your mood, energy levels, immune system and metabolic health.

Base Line: Lemon water is merely water mixed with fresh lemon juice. Supplementary components can be further added.



For the fortitude of this article, the meaning of lemon water is one glass of water blended with the juice from half a lemon.

This is the nutrient classification for one glass:

  • Calories: 9.
  • Sugars: Less than 1 gram.
  • Vitamin C: 25% of the RDI.
  • Folate: 1% of the RDI.
  • Potassium: 1% of the RDI.
Lemon Water
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One glass does not seem to deliver a lot of nutrients, but drinking lemon water is a low-calorie and low-sugar infusion that can boost your vitamin C consumption.

For comparison, if you replaced half a lemon with half an orange, it would double the calories and sugar in your drink.

Moreover, recall that the precise nutritional value varies on how much lemon juice you add, as well as any other components.

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Base Line: Lemon water is high in vitamin C, relative to its calorie and sugar content. It also contains trace amounts of folate and potassium.



Lemon water packs in a range of benefits.

Lemon Water
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Lemon water comprises other helpful materials and is a foundation of plant composites called flavonoids.

Many have antioxidant possessions that seem to help defend your cells from damage.

Flavonoids from citrus fruits are often related with aids for blood flow, insulin sensitivity and other facets of metabolic fitness.

Lemon flavonoids also have the possibility to decrease oxidative stress and damage, at least in rats.

All that said, there are no human studies to assist these results, so they may not be as valuable in real life.

Base Line: Lemon water comprises mixtures that may defend your cells and recover metabolic well-being. Yet, human studies are desirable.


Kidney stones:

Kidney stones are rock-hard mineral formations that gather in the kidneys.

The most common type is made of a substance called calcium oxalate and is typically treated with a compound called citrate.

Increasing the amount of citrate in your urine is thought to prevent calcium from binding to other compounds and forming stones.

In short, citrate restores the urine’s ability to prevent kidney stone formation.

Lemon water comprises high amounts of citrate, and several human types of research have observed it can positively help treat kidney stones.

It seems to be most effectual when used together with potassium citrate, the addition method of citrate. Though, lemon water may also be a good alternative for those who don’t tolerate potassium citrate as a first-line treatment.

Base Line: Researches show that lemon water can help treat kidney stones. It seems most effective together with conventional treatment, but may also be a value other treatment.


The benefits of water:

Lemon Water
Source: livestrong

Lemon water is water with a bit of lemon added, which means it has all the aids of regular water.

Drinking plenty of water is known to have benefits for:

  • Weight loss: Increases feelings of fullness and boosts metabolism slightly, which can help with weight loss.
  • Mental health: Optimizes mood and memory.
  • Digestive health: Helps relieve constipation.
  • Exercise performance:Advances athletic performance.
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Base Line: Drinking enough water regularly has many health benefits. It can help you lose weight, feel great and improve your athletic performance.



There are many extra health privileges encompassing lemon water, but most are not supported by any scientific indication.

In actual fact, some have even been disproved. Below are 6 of the most common mythologies.


Myth 1: The fiber in it aid in losing weight

Lemons contain a type of fiber called pectin, which helps lessen your appetite and calorie intake.

However, lemon water is essentially sieved, deeply watered-down lemon juice, which leaves it with only drop quantities of pectin. Even an entire lemon only contains 2 grams of fiber in total.

There are no signs that lemon water has any more values for weight loss than plain water.


Myth 2: It alkalizes your body

Conferring to supporters of the alkaline diet, foods leave an “ash” in your body that affects the pH of your body – how acidic or alkaline it converts.

Lemon water is said to be alkalizing. Nevertheless, neither the pH of your blood nor cells can be changed by what you eat.


Myth 3: It fights cancer

This due arises from the alkaline diet myth and is erected on the evidence that cancer cells cannot flourish in an alkaline environment.

While cancer cells do favor the cells everywhere them to be acidic, studies show they can grow in alkaline environments as well. Also, cancer cells create their own acidic environment, and eating alkalizing food doesn’t stop it.


Myth 4: It purifies and detoxes

Water aids in eliminating waste from your body through urination and healthy bowel movements. But, nothing in lemon water advances this process.

In fact, most entitle that foods or beverages purify or detoxify your organs are simply untrue.


Myth 5: It increases your IQ

Drinking water – lemon-flavored or otherwise – may help you feel more attentive in the morning, but it cannot upsurge intelligence.

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Myth 6: It has natural diuretic effects

This may be true to a small degree, but it’s so deceptive that its value stating.

Any food that comprises potassium can possibly upsurge urine output – that means virtually all fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

Moreover, the more water you drink, the further you will urinate.

Base Line: The mainstream of the health rights is abstract and overstated. In some cases, they have been established to be false.

Lemon Water
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Lemon water is flawlessly safe to drink.

Though, the acid in lemons can harm your tooth coating over time, which makes your teeth more disposed to cavities.

You can accomplish this effortlessly by drinking lemon water with a straw whenever likely, to evade interaction with your teeth.

Also, you must rinse your mouth with water later. Yet, it is better to wait an hour before brushing your teeth. Brushing while your tooth enamel is an acid-softened state can lead to harm.

If you’re taking the lemon water with breakfast, then it’s a decent idea to brush your teeth before breakfast.

Base Line: Lemon water is harmless to drink. Nevertheless, it may harm your tooth coating if you drink it often.



The best temperature to drink lemon water is an extremely discussed topic.

For instance, some claim cold water benefits in burn additional calories. Others consider warm water aids in improving digestive health.

There is a very slight investigation to provision either side, and it’s extremely doubtful the temperature makes any expressive alteration.

Consequently, it only comes down to what you feel like at the time.

Base Line: There is no strong indication viewing that the water is best consumed either hot or cold. Select the temperature you enjoy most.



Most recipes propose using the juice from half a lemon mixed with a glass of water. You can pinch the amounts from there or add other elements.



Lemon water is a healthy drink that can enhance a good quantity of vitamin C in your diet.

It’s an incredible, flavourful substitute for basic water that has numerous health benefits.

Nevertheless, if you by now consume much of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of fluids, then lemon water will be of no nutritious benefit.

You must sip it for the flavor rather than the health benefits.