Top ‘5’ Unhealthy Food for Women

Unhealthy Food

Men and women have been created differently. With women, who have different roles to play in everyday life, be it the sister, the mother of a child or the old granny, they all must check that certain kinds of food are not friendly to the female gender. Check out the list of top 5 unhealthy foods for women to know more about it.

  • Bran Muffins: When Bran is mixed with muffin, the result is not a healthy combination. It includes lots of fats and sugar which is unfit for the physical growth of women. It is also reported to have more calories and sugar than a doughnut. If you are too fond of muffins, you can check out for nutrients rich muffins which are sweetened with honey and applesauce. The flavor will differ but you will get accustomed to a healthy yet delicious food item.
  • Veggie Patties: Love munching over delicious veggie patties? Well, you may want to think twice about your decision of eating it especially when it contains lot of unhealthy ingredients. The frozen version of the patty, filled with fillers is very unhealthy. The manufacturers of the product give a fancy appearance to the food item by making it look like a burger with very less vegetables. It certainly doesn’t add nutrition to the body but it results in adding lots of unwanted fat and harmful substance to the body.
  • Dry Fruits with nuts mixes: Some of the dry fruits mixed with nuts are not healthy for the ladies. It contains Vitamin C, which is a major source of providing fats and proteins to the body. In most of its versions, the fruit is also coated with sugar and nuts with salt. This results in adding too much of calorie which is unfit for the body.
  • Diet Soda: There are many health experts who claim that diet sodas help in reducing the calorie and it is suited for the patients of diabetes, but it certainly doesn’t seem to result in what experts claim it to be true. They don’t have calories but they are not beneficial for your diet. Instead, you can choose to drink healthy fruit juice or homemade ice tea.
  • Fat free labeled food: Don’t just go by what the advertisements or labels say. Test it yourself before consuming it. The food may be typically as caloric as their counterparts. Plus, there are claims made where the “fat-free” labeled food contains 0.5 grams of fat per serving. So, if you are habituated to eating it, you may turn out to be unhealthy soon.
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Women have to take serious trouble of looking after their health. They must observe, inquire before testing the product. The advertisements lure people into believing many fallacies attached to “good health”. It is the utmost duty of every woman to take proper care of health especially when she is about to expect a baby or has already given birth to a little one.


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