Top 5 Medical Destinations in the World

Medical tourism

If you are seeking a medical treatment  and you do not know which place to go to, here are some of the fascinating medical destinations that you can go for, which is budget friendly and it provides more than what you can expect. As a medical tourist,  you must look out for a place which offers you the quality environment, food and hygienic shelter to make the best out of the trip.

  • Thailand:  Bangkok is considered to be one of the top emerging destinations for medical travel. Every year Thailand has about 19 million tourists with 1.2 million visiting the place for just medical treatment.  The tourism industry in the country has grown at 16% annually. Bangkok has reputed hospitals and ideal spiritual destinations. Visit the place to know more about the fascinating medical experience in the country.
  • Singapore:  The country has 22 JCI accredited hospitals, more than Thailand. However the treatment cost is expensive in the country along with hotel accommodations.  The country offers world class cutting edge technology,especially in the service of Cancer treatments and it attracts more than half a million tourists every year. Some of the notable hospitals in the country include – The National Heat Center, Parkway East, Elizabeth Hospital and others.
  • India:  The country is emerging to be one of the leading nations for health care. It has the best of doctors in the country to give you proper medical information.  Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have emerged to be leading cities for medical treatment.  You can expect affordable treatment with sharp technology in top rated hospitals of India.  Some of the Indian groups have also expanded to Asian and African countries.  The success rate of the heart transplant is highest in India. Some of the major hospitals include – Apollo, Fortis, AIIMS and Asian Heart Institute.
  • Turkey:  Turkey is preferred to be the leading destination for medical treatment in Europe. It has 13 JCI accredited hospitals and the famous hospitals include –  Liv Hospital, Memorial Antalya Hospital, Anadolu and International Hospital. Choosing a particular destination for treatment in the country is entirely an individual’s choice since Turkey mostly caters to the medical needs of the Middle east and Africa.
  • Mexico:  For the people of U.S.A and Canada, Mexico is the leading hub for medical tourism.  For cheaper medical costs, Mexico has gained a lot of importance for medical treatment.  Elective procedures which include the knee replacement, hip replacement, dental and cardiac surgery are most prominently offered by the country. Mexico has about 9 JCI accredited hospitals, which include           Almater, CIMA, Galenia and other hospitals in Mexico Americana.
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These are the top 5 highly recommended medical destinations in the world. You can research about them, visit them for the purpose of testing and then go for medical treatment. Your budget must be carefully planned and thought after before approaching these medical destinations of the world. All in all, you must visit the place for the sake of knowing the best medical hub in the world.


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