Top 5 healthy vegetarian food items

Top 5 healthy vegetarian food items

You can be a vegetarian and still relish eating delicious and healthy food items. For a health conscious vegetarian, there are plenty of food items to choose from. Wondering which food items is the healthiest? Well, here’s a quick look at some of the healthiest vegetarian items that you can include in your daily diet.

  • Vegetable Rice: Onion,Tomatoes, Bell pepper and a host of other healthy vegetables included in the item can not only serve you with enriching food items, but can also serve as a delicious meal to enjoy with family and friends. Vegetable rice, cooked with subtle spices and vegetables can be very healthy to consume over a lunch.
  • Sweet potatoes with Ginger:  Sweet potatoes have the natural taste of being sweet and with the addition of ginger, the food item becomes healthy for the heart.  It simply makes 10 minutes to prepare the food item and it is easy to digest the food.  Try this recipe with ginger soup and you will enjoy the meal with subtle taste and ingredients added to give you the crisp vegetarian food item which is easy to cook.
  • Black sesame tofu with vegetable stir-fry: Use sesame oil to stir the food item and other ingredients involve sesame seeds, brown rice (cooked), carrots,green onions,orange juice, mayo,soy sauce to add flavor to the tofu and cook it minimally. The food item with a good blend of healthy vegetables and juice is good for giving proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Spinach salad: Easy to make salad with the freedom to add lots of healthy vegetables to make a healthy food item. This salad can include red onion, toasted walnuts,spinach leaves and toss it gently. Stir it in vinaigrette and see the magic of eating a healthy salad which will energize your body and give you the much provided stamina to work with ease.
  • Dal with chappatis: Commonly known to be a staple Indian diet, this vegetable recipe is not only delicious but easy to cook and make. Refer to various ways to cook the recipe with added Indian spices to give a relishing taste to your taste bud. Not only that, there are many health benefits of this food item, most commonly include high proteins and vitamins to add to your body. Ideally, it is suggested to have the food item over a lunch or at night.
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There are many health benefits of having a vegetarian food item. It is simple to cook and easily digestible. Cook it subtly and do not over cook it otherwise it’s essence will be lost.