Top 5 Healthcare facilities developed in the last decade


Over the past few years, there have been a stunning result on the innovation made in the sector of healthcare facilities.  As a result of the increasing development in the world of technology, which has resulted in the innovation of many healthcare facilities, here’s a look at some of the innovations of the recent time which has resulted in the progression in the world of health care. Above all, our knowledge of it can make a significant difference towards using the latest innovations which are made in the sector of health care over the past decade.

Top 5 healthcare facilities developed recently
  • Microchips Modeling Clinicals Trials: With the objective to replace the use of animals in clinical trails, this innovation in health care is designed to safely treat human patients and save the lives of innocent animals who become the victims of clinical testing. The microchips, as the name suggests are smaller than the thumb and they can reconstruct the complicated interface between organs and capillaries, which is very much identical to the ideas of microfabrication.
  • Google Glass, wearable technology:  In order to provide better medical care and health facility to the health providers as well as the patients, the wearable technology by Google has emerged to be a good provider and a safe mode of communication which can take place between the doctor and the patient.
  • 3 D printed biological materials: From guns to models to Empire state building, there have been a widespread usage of the 3 D printed materials, but the medical uses have really helped a lot of people seeking proper health care for themselves and their loved ones.  For instance,  medical usage like printing skin to help burn victims or to assist in the removal of skin disease from the body are some of the uses of the printed skin technique of the gadget, apart from studying about cancer or helping in the replacement of organs.
  • Healthcare gadgets: With the development of various applications on mobile phones, like measuring your blood pressure or pulse rate or pursue you to exercise and remain healthy. Since we are constantly in touch with our phones these days, it becomes really helpful for health seekers to take time to time suggestion or keep their sugar, blood or pulse rate checked through various applications available on smartphones.
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These are some of the common health care innovations that the health seekers can look into, to appreciate the innovation of the health care sector in modern times. However, there’s still more to do in the field of health care and innovation and we have a long way to go where one day we may be able to find the solution to chornic diseases.


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