Top 5 Foods to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels


Blood sugar levels, is that what you are worried about? Has your doctor advised you to change your diet? Are you thinking about the foods that can help you regulate or in other words lower your blood sugar level? If yes, then leave your worry here only. Why? Because we are here with not only one or two but top 5 foods to regulate or lower your blood sugar levels. Let’s start.

“We are what we eat.”

This saying perfectly fits here in this situation. Although other factors do affect yet, food can play a major role in regulating blood sugar levels.

Whereas some foods such as food items that are high in sugar and refined carbs can increase the blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, some other foods can actually control the blood sugar levels along with improving the overall body health. So let’s get to know about those foods which can regulate blood sugar level.

Flax Seeds

Rich in fiber and healthy fats, flax seeds are majorly popular for their high health benefits. Further, flax seeds can help in reducing the blood sugar levels too.

Pumpernickel or Whole Wheat Bread

Most types of bread are high in carbohydrates and increase blood sugar levels. That is the reason why you should avoid many kinds of bread. But, there are always some exceptions. And here the exception is whole wheat or Pumpernickel bread. How?

Pumpernickel bread or 100% stone-ground whole wheat bread have low GI scores in comparison to regular wheat bread. As the ingredients go through less processing.

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Excepting melons and pineapples, most of the fruits help in regulating blood sugar levels. As many fruits contain fiber and lots of water.

However, unfortunately, ripen fruits and fruit juices worsen the condition. Therefore, you should avoid them.


Garlic is a traditional food ingredient used for regulating blood sugar levels. You should consume garlic twice a day to reduce blood sugar. Garlic has some enormously high elements to control blood sugar levels.

Oatmeal and Oat Bran

Oatmeal, as you may know, is a very healthy food with a low GI score. Hence, it also helps in regulating sugar levels in your blood.

To sum up, our diet has a great influence on our overall health. If we take care of our diet along with some physical exercises we can prevent many diseases.


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