Top 5 Causes for Split-ends and Their Remedies


Bothered about the split ends? Wondering what is actually causing the split ends? Do you want to prevent split ends?

If your answer is yes to any of the above-mentioned questions or to all of them then, you are in the right place.

Just stay tuned. We will talk about the split ends, how they come, and how you can prevent them. So, let’s start.

Heat Appliances

You may love to blow-drying your hair. Or using flat iron and curlers too to style your hair. But, your favorite hair accessories can damage your hair badly. Further, leaving you with split ends.

But, what should you do then? Should you stop using those hair appliances? Or is there any other way to prevent damage and split ends from heat appliances.

Undoubtedly, stopping their use is the best step you can ever take for your hair. But, there are times when you need to use those appliances. So, just apply thermal protectants before using them and you are all set.


“Too much is always bad.” The same is true in the case when you start overwashing your hair. Yes, it is necessary to clean your scalp but excessively washing it can also make your scalp dry. As the natural oil of your hair goes away. Moreover, you will get split ends.

So, don’t overwash your hair. Twice to thrice in a week is okay. Further, don’t forget to use conditioner after shampoo to prevent split ends.

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Using elastic bands

Do you make a tight high ponytail and tie it with elastic bands? If yes, then you might have noticed how much of your hair get tangled in that band. Am I right? It is because that elastic band in a tight ponytail causes damage to your hair. The result is, you know, of course, split ends.

Instead, use a fabric cover hair tie or scrunchies. Because they will not damage your hair and thus prevent split ends.

Chemical Treatments

The worst thing you can ever do with your hair is chemical treatments. Because it breaks down the structure of your hair. Furthermore, leaving them damaged and dry. As hair gets weak they are more prone to damage and split ends.

Not Applying Oil

Oiling is extremely important for your hair. As we need food for our bodies. In a similar way, our hair needs oil for nourishment. And if we don’t give them oil then they get dry. Similar to a person who hasn’t got food for several days. Therefore, don’t leave your hair suffering and give them some nourishment with oiling.

Yes, we know, why you don’t like oiling. It’s stickiness. Right? But, worry not, you can simply apply it before 1 hour of washing your hair and then wash them. This way your hair will get nourishment and you prevent stickiness as well as split ends.