Top 10 foods to get in shape faster

Top 10 foods to get in shape faster
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I am sure you have heard a famous saying that good body shape is not achieved in a gym, it is cooked in your kitchen. We try to list the foods you can take to get in shape faster. Do let us know your experiences in the comments section or sending us an email at [email protected]

1)Beet Juice-Increasing stamina: Beet juice boost up energy level than anything else available in your list. If you want to last long at any physical work that you must do, get a juicer and fresh beets and get cracking.

2)Honey-For Endurance: This raw natural sweetener lasts long in your body and provides you with that steady blood sugar and much
needed insulin to keep you going for a long duration of time. For best results use certified organic raw honey

3)pea protein-Delay fatigue: Rich in branched chain amino acids which basically delays fatigue while you are exercising and
It also boost calcium absorption and lessen calcium losses. It is also believed to be a natural immunity booster supplement.

4)Blueberries-reduce inflammation: It will not only reduces inflammation but it also helps in boosting your immunity.

5)Cherries-Regains strength: Try cherry juice to reduce pain during your workouts and thus increase your strength and performance
at those strain-ous hours your work out.

6)Salmon-Muscle builder: This fatty acid found in fatty fish is considered to fight heart diseases and Diabetes. It helps to
build much needed muscles to get you in shape.

7)Watermelon-Reduce muscle soreness: citrulline found in watermelon helps in reducing the muscle soreness and by improving your
artery functions and low blood pressure.

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8)Pomegranate-For muscle strength: Besides being really tasty, its gives you the muscle strength you need to perform those
difficult squats and ab crunches. It is also considered to improve the memory and empower brain activity.

9)Coffee-Energy: Who does not like coffee? It gives you that kick to perform your exhaustive work outs and be ready for the next
one. It has Glycogen, body’s storage of of carbohydrates which keeps in the game forever!

10)Dark chocolate-Reduce stress: Tasty as it may sound, it helps to reduce work out induced stress and acts a blood antioxidant.

These foods are universally and easily available foods which you can add in your list or best pack in your gym bags. With a little
change in our lifestyles an food eating habits you can be in shape that you had always wished for. Good luck!