Tips for Women in Busy Times

Tips for Women in Busy Times

Last night I was talking to my friend about some issues related to women and there was a sudden moment of realization that seeped in. My friend was asking me how to go about with a healthy life without changing anything major in her lifestyle. I said, that it was a strange question coming from her (she being a fit woman) this got me thinking.

So here are a few health tips for women to be fit and healthy in this busy time:

1. To be fit, it all starts with having a balanced diet. There is something called the ‘right weight for the right age’. Ask your physician about, which healthy foods you can consume and how you can follow a disciplined eating routine. You would lose some weight after you follow a healthy lifestyle. You would become fit. But if you particularly have it in mind that you want to shed some pounds you have to ignore your favorite foods that are high in calories and fats. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. They are known to be fibrous. They increase the metabolism rate and you shed few pounds. If you think eating cereal in the morning is childish then be a kid again. Who doesn’t like to feel young again?

2. Drinking a lot of water is a healthy habit. You must drink at least two liters of water a day. Drinking water doesn’t mean only water. It could be soups or even vegetable broth. Try having mineral bottled water if you can. Drinking lots of water clears impurities from your body and gives a different glow to your skin.

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3. If you are in the horrible habit of smoking. STOP! Smoking accelerates the process of aging. You start looking older than your age and no one wants to look like that. Research suggest that women who smoke are more likely to get diseases than men who smoke. Women are at the risk of getting breast cancer. Additionally you have to decrease the intake of alcohol and stop it eventually.

4. Start including basic exercises in your daily life. Start taking your dog for a walk if you have one or you can go for a walk alone early in the morning when everything is quiet. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Buy a kind of home gym and put it to use it. Maintaining the gym gadget itself is a great exercise. You have to be disciplined about such small exercises. You can plan a workout schedule for yourself and work on it.

5. We live in an age where vitamins are everywhere yet people don’t seem to know it. Start taking vitamin supplements. Women must take particular vitamin supplements to prevent pre-menstrual symptoms and cramps. It also prevents Osteoporosis which is a progressive bone disease. It decreases the bone density and mass which leads to a high risk of fracture.