Tips to tackle Coronavirus in the upcoming Winter


A health expert has warned us that coronavirus will get worse in winter. A new wave would hit the world which means an increase in the number of cases, more deaths, and even more precautions. What the considered as a flu wave in China, has now become a pandemic, which is not ending any sooner. 

So how to prepare ourselves for winter 2020?

With no signs of the vaccine against coronavirus in the near future, we will have to prepare ourselves by staying as much precautious as we can to be safe and to develop an even safer community. Here are some tips you can follow to stay safe:

Continue avoiding crowded areas

Avoid public places, public transports, and public gatherings as there are high chances that you may come in contact with a COVID positive person.

Never forget to wear masks

If there’s an emergency to move out, make sure you are wearing a mask even while driving.

Build your immunity

Winters are good to build immunity which so much of green and organic food products available in this season, immunization can be a tasty treat.

Stay fit

You are more prone to catching cold and fever during winters, make sure you exercise well and eat healthy.

Seek assistance if you show signs of Coronavirus

If you face breathing problems, fever, and cough, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical help. By this, you can save yourself and your loved ones around you. 

Stay indoors

It is best suggested to stay home and self isolate if you feel you have minor symptoms of this virus.

Do not give up on Sanitizing

Winters are usually referred to as non-bathing season, but no, for 2020 sanitizing and maintaining hygiene is a top priority, take bath daily, use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Quit consuming tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol can lead to a weak respiratory system, lung problems, and a weaker immune system, making you more prone to the disease.

According to The Print, Klaus Stohr, who previously worked with WHo and is an infectious disease expert says that “the epidemiological behavior of this virus will not be that much different from other respiratory diseases. During winter, they come back.”

Therefore we must keep in mind that we are not free from Coronavirus yet and the vaccine seems to be very distant. Hence we should take all the precautions even while staying at home to fight COVID-19 together.

Stay home! Stay safe!

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