Three Steps For Choosing The Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow

A pillow can give you much more than an incomplete sleep if not chosen carefully. If it fails in providing proper rest to your body, the results may be restless nights; neck pain, back pain and various other spine related problems. Now the question comes how to choose the right one from competitive ranges out in the market. Well, given below are a few steps for answering this question.

Basically there are 3 characteristics you should consider:
1. A design that keeps the spine in alignment: When you go to bed, your pillow must be able to keep your spine and other body parts in such an alignment that spine is aligned straight with the mattress. It should be able to fill up the space between your spine and mattress for providing a better resting position. For example, if you are a side sleeper then it should be designed in a manner that the space between your shoulder and your bed can be filled up, (just like the space between your spine and mattress). Once again, it will allow your side part to get proper rest and when you wake up, you will feel more energetic than your previous mornings.
2. Comfort: Comfortable feeling is also essential. If you feel comfortable then you will be able to sleep better and get more rested mornings. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable, it may be a cause of several health problems. If you’re not feeling comfortable with a pillow, replace it immediately (especially if it has been older than 6 months and is not fitting perfectly between your spine and mattress).
3. Adjustability: Third important factor to consider while purchasing a pillow is adjustability. If it’s not adjustable, it won’t provide you the best sleep. For a good sleep it is necessary that your pillow can be folded or adjusted according to requirements for providing proper rest to all parts of your body.
Choosing a right pillow can be really tough in today’s competitive era. Manufacturers are daily coming with new technologies and features and often it becomes very hard to find out which one is the right choice for you. But if you stick to this simple, 3-step plan you’ll find the best pillow for your needs without any hurdle.

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