Those Happy Moments in Every One’s Life 

Moments of happiness

Real happiness depends on the mind set of the individuals. There are several moments in one’s life to derive happiness. Let us see some of them in the following paragraphs.

Exercising: It is always essential to keep your body fit to lead a healthy life. For this purpose devote a minimum of 20 minutes on exercises and workouts, which can be performed at home and not necessarily at a gym. These exercises will bring happiness in you and will be a great factor for your well being.

Sleep Well: A human being must have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep at nights. You are aware that, while sleeping, your organs are rested and repairs themselves after strenuous work performed during the previous day. Sound sleep brings happiness in you and you will be more productive the next day.

Enjoy with Family and Friends: Do not run after money and money will not bring you happiness. You have to devote some time and spend the same with your friends or relatives and family members. This is an opportunity to share your experiences with them and enjoy the moment. You will definitely feel happy and rejoiced.

Visit Places of Interest: You might be striving hard to earn a good name in your work place and after all you are earning for the welfare of your family. However, you and your family members need a break from routine work. Plan for a joy tour to some historical places or for a pilgrimage or to a hill station and stay with your family for a minimum of five days and this experience will boost your energy and bring happiness to the entire family. Make it a point to tour different places on a yearly basis.

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Helping Others: Instead of celebrating your birthday or wedding day at your home and spend lavishly, go to an orphanage and feed the orphans there on that occasion. This will surely bring happiness and self satisfaction in you and the orphans will also feel happy about the fact that there are some people to take care of them. You can also feed the people, who are lingering in old age homes. Nothing will match this noble deed and you will also feel happy.

Practice Smiling: Smiling will make you feel better and when we back it up with positive thoughts, it will be more effective. Smiling is one of the best ways to reduce distress that might have caused due to different reasons. But, you must practice real smile on your face.

Meditation and Yoga: No one can be happy always and at all times. However, when you are disturbed in your mind, you have to practice meditation and yoga, which will bring you in a relaxed mood and subsequent happiness. Meditation makes your mind clear and calms you down. Clear mind will always be happy.

Sincerity to work: When you are assigned a work, attend to it with maximum sincerity and dedication and bring a good result to the satisfaction of your superiors. There is no happy moment equal to this as you have got the mental satisfaction and doing justice to your conscience.