Things to remember when nursing a patient


Nursing is not an easy job. The work calls for multitasking and a lot of responsibility to be taken at the same time. A nurse has to look after the everyday need of the patient, cater to his/her interest, give the patient the mental boast to recover from ill-health – emotionally as well as physically.

  • Start with empathy: The profession of nursing entails a potential nurse to look after the patient and caters to his/her emotional as well as physical needs. When the patient is already fighting a battle waging between life and death, it becomes necessary to give the much required inspiration to continue with the battle. Nurses are the medical guides who help us think positively in difficult times by restoring our faith in life.
  • Encourage the patient to perform better: Once the operation is over, the patient is lethargic or too stressed to get used to the everyday life. As a nurse, you can encourage the patient to go for small activities like independently going to the bathroom, eating food on time and gradually going for higher level of development which include – interacting with friends on social media, watching television for personal entertainment or leisurely reading a book. Such activities will help the patient resume the everyday life.
  • Check the ventilator setting and modes: Basic information on the ventilator such as the respiratory settings, fraction of inspired oxygen, tidal volume and other factors have to be taken with a lot of precaution by the nurse. It is simply the duty of a well qualified nurse who must be aware of his/her responsibilities and you must speak to the doctor about the qualification of the nurse before handing over the patient to her under her guidance.
  • Look for pain and sedation needs: Even though the patient is sometimes unable to express his/her needs, as a good nurse it is your duty to assess his/her pain level under a reliable scale. There are two ways in which the sedation level of the patient can be treated. Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale and the Ramsay Sedation Scale can help the patient a lot. A professional nurse must be aware of the patient’s need and succumb to his needs accordingly.
  • Meet the patient’s nutritional needs: For patients who have a difficulty in swallowing things properly, they require the alternative nutrition route. They should be provided with adequate facilities like the liquid nutrition provided through the gut. If this becomes a difficult task, ask for the healthcare team to provide for the best alternative.
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The credit for the speedy recovery of the patient can be given to the nurse’s ability to revive his/her lost spirit. It is the patient’s bond with the doctors and the nurse which can help him/her to recover in the best ways. Nursing is a selfless work. It must be the duty of a nurse to render selflessly to the cause of looking after the patient’s good health.



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