What Is Text Neck Pain And How You Can Avoid It

What Is Text Neck Pain And How You Can Avoid It

The gifting season is here and most people have the latest gadget or gizmo on the top of their wish lists. However, health experts are concerned from this trend. They’re concerned because more gizmos and gadgets may lead to more pain in your neck. If you’ve heard about this thing before then you might’ve guessed already what we’re talking about.Yes, we’re talking about ‘text neck’ pain. And yes, it’s REAL!

The root cause of this pain lies in the improper posture in which our neck stays throughout the day due to these latest miracles of technology. There’s a lot of load that our neck handles when we look at our smart devices for long time. How much load? You may ask… Well, given below is a breakdown:

  • 10-12 pounds in neutral position
  • 27 pounds when bent forward at 15°
  • 49 pounds when bent forward some more at 45°
  • And finally, a whooping 60 pounds when bent forward at 60°

60 pounds of weight stress on the muscles of your neck may eventually lead to tears within the disk. And in some cases, if condition isn’t cured immediately, it may even lead to slipped disk or herniated disk. The numbers of patients with neck pain are increasing from a rapid pace across the globe as new technology is evolving and expanding its reach. However, it’s nearly impossible to think of a life without technology in today’s era. But prevention measures can always be taken while using those gadgets. Given below are a few such measures that’ll help you in avoiding text neck pain:

  1. Frequent breaks: Staying in bad posture for long time is the thing that leads to text neck. Ensure that you don’t look at the screen of your device for longer periods. Looking up from your device and straightening the neck frequently can help a lot in relieving the pressure caused by looking downwards.
  2. Hold the phone a bit higher: Developing the habit of holding phone higher in a position that requires little-to-no bending of neck is perhaps the best thing that you can do for avoiding text neck.
  3. Stretching: Stretching is another thing that helps in relieving tension caused by forward-bent postures. Stretch often while working on a smartphone or tablet for longer period. Rotate your shoulders with arms by your sides, tuck the chin down and then look up. And it’ll be much better if you leave that device on desk for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes and walk around the room slowly. These small things will help in avoiding text neck for long-term.
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