How to stop allergies from getting in your house?

Stop allergies to get into your house

The irritating allergies do a lot many things to your body than to just deprive you off a good sleep. Unseen factors that trigger allergic conditions in the body can rise and create many diseases. Allergies are also known to be the cause of various skin diseases which can harm the body. In case, you want to stop allergies from affecting you; start with your home and adopt these simple policies to stay allergy free.

• Draws the curtains in the evening: Allergy producing harmful flies and insects attack your house in the evening. Do not forget to draw the curtains of your home as soon as it is evening.
• Keep the bathroom very clean: More than any place in your house, your bathroom needs immediate protection. They are the place where various unseen micro-organisms grow and attack your body. They are the place where moulds grow which is a major allergic trigger. Keep the bathroom absolutely clean. Wash it regularly to stop allergies from getting in your house.
• Wear slippers in your home: Roam about in the house in a common slipper. Do not take the slipper out of the house. Keep your environment clean, healthy and disciplined.
• Keep your garden free from insects or pollutants: If you have a garden in your house or in the balcony, keep it clean. Wash the plants with water or spray some insect repellent. In any case, keep the windows closed. Avoid insects to enter the house.
• Know your allergy trigger: It could be as sweet as a mouth-watering sweet in the house or as silly as the soap you use to clean your body. Know you allergy trigger and consult the doctor to avoid it before it grows and makes you very irritated.
• Do not spray perfume in the house: Perfumes are major allergy triggers and spraying it can attract lots of unseen elements to further increase the allergy in the house. You can choose to use body spray which has less effect on the external environment. In any case, spraying it would pollute the house in an unseen manner.
• Wash the bedsheets, bed covers frequently: Frequently check on your bed sheets and bed covers. Wash them atleast once in a week. Keep them dirt free. This will remove the allergies far away as you will spend your precious time sleeping on the bed.

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