Stay healthy with swapping foods

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The modern lifestyle is making us to gain weight easier. Overweight does not only related about the way we look but also it creates many problems like aches, pains which causes trouble to our routine life.

Lose weight and stay healthy without giving up your taste for food. One of the best things to do is to swap you favorites with the similar foods. Here I provide simple ways to do for healthier choices.

Fruit Vs juice

It is easier and comfortable to drink than to eat, but it is healthier to take the nature-giving products as it is. We try to make fruit juices to be sweetened for our taste, so the juices have more calories and less nutrients.

Here are some reasons why we should eat the fruit instead of drinking.

  • Fruit is generally equipped with the natural fiber, beneficial compounds and anti-oxidants are lost in the juicing process. This not only applies for fruits but also vegetables. Count the fiber content that is going into your body than the quantity you are taking. The juicer sticks all the dry fiberous scarps, which are the most nutritious thing of the fruit or vegetables.
  • Doctors also advice that juice increases the risk of diabetes and it’s high intake will lead to childhood obesity.

Opt brown rice over white

In the recent years, people used to eat brown rice, but because of the dramatically changes in the lifestyle we eat white rice.

A lot of surveys reveal that brown products are good for health. One of the foremost reasons is that rice manufactures heavily polish the white rice to get the colour. They take away the bran and germ of the rice. Brown rice is unrefined rice so that it feels light to the stomach. The side hulls and brans which give wholeness is a benchmark point of the two products.

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Especially, diabetic should take brown rice to improve the health condition.

Food lovers, Don’t worry! There are number of healthy recipes with brown rice available which equals your taste buds.

Use yogurt instead cream

To cut fat without disappointing your taste buds, replace Greek yogurt with sour cream. Greek yogurt is said to be one of the world’s healthiest foods. Whatever the work might me, garnishing or in a real dish, no fat yogurt can substitute sour cream and mayonnaise. And adding it to the dish gives less sugar, proteins and creamier texture as well. Besides substituting, Greek yogurt works good with tips and toppings.

Chew popcorn than chips

Even though this is tough swap to make! In the battle of salty snacks, popcorn is always better than chips. We have many kinds of popcorn powered with caramel, cheese and regular. The type you choose will make a huge difference in your health.

You can grab some popcorn while you watch movie in theatre or watching a football match at your home.

Now there is no confusion between ‘what to eat and what not’.






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