Skincare tips to avoid skin problems in winter


Winters are around the corner, so that means its time to give your skincare regime a boost. Winters are known for causing dry, itchy, and flaky skin but fear no more here are some skin care tips that you can follow to retain natural skin moisture.

Never go out without a sunscreen

Yes! You read that right. Do not ditch your sunscreen. The harmful UV rays can pervade clouds and cause harm to your skin. It is recommended to put sunscreen, SPF 15 or 30, to the exposed areas of your body.

Set the water temperature and use limit

No matter how much you enjoy taking long hot water baths, control the temperature and the duration. Too much use of hot water can cause dryness, red patches around the skin and cause irritation making it more prone to further damage.

Moisturise often

Winter’s skincare regime is all about keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Use hand cream after every time you wash your hands, it will help the dryness. Use a lip balm or petroleum jelly to avoid chapped lips and use body lotions after taking a bath.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink more water and clear liquids they result in glowing skin, and not only skin fluids are necessary for your overall health.

Invest in humidifiers

We experience less natural moisture in the air during winters and with offices and homes packed with space heaters, it is doing no good to your skin. Place humidifiers in your home to get moisture in the air, it prevents your skin from drying.

Modify your daily regime according to the season

You should change your beauty routines and product according to each season. For summers, use lightweight and non-sticky moisturizers. But in winters use a deep restoring formula. Don’t use face masks very often, it drys out the skin. Use more cream-based formulas to combat dry winter skin.

Protect your feet

Your feet are more prone to cracking up during winters. Regularly exfoliate gently to get rid of dead skin. Use lotion as often as possible, you can also use petroleum jelly or glycerine, they are natural and better for your feet.

Your skin is more prone to damage during this season. A wise choice of products and a routine can keep your skin look healthy and glowing all seasons. Eat healthy and keep moisturizing.

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