Screen games may improve concentration – But is is harmful



A study came out in 2011 said that games have a large impact on child’s moral thinking. It also proved that how violent the characters in the game would be, that violently the child reacts.

Earlier, children used to play actively in parks and grounds. It provides physical as well as mental growth to the child. And also capable to win any hurdles in their lives.

But now, children are restricted to their tabs and laptops. This is not only the case in children but also in grown-ups. This makes them to sit and not straining their bodies. Therefore, no exercise for them.

But we cannot blame the gaming engineers for the cause. It has both the good and bad effects.


Too much game playing isolates children from social life. It will be strange when they go for a dinner party or for a relative’s house to celebrate a festival. Your child will feel alone and does not mingle with others. Thus leads to depression at a very small age.

Wrong portrayal of things

A study from the North Carolina State University, New Yorksays children learn that women are weaker section in gender from the video games. Moreover, games confuse reality from fantasy. This may not directly relates to health but this is one of the dangerous symptoms of the bad behavior.


Yes! Children gain excessive weight than required when they sit and play games. One third of Americans are suffering with childhood obesity and proved that this is blamed on inadequate activity levels in children. Besides this, it will cause muscle pain, neck pain and shoulder pain and also may lead to lose of vision.

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Bad behavior

You people still don’t want to convince that addiction to games is unhealthy? You will definitely accept reading after this point. According to meta-analysis of 98 studies, 37,000 participants proved that addiction games especially which includes violence increases aggression.

Children take the violence in the games so personal, not because of the intelligent graphics today. But gamers are taking the task seriously as a first hand role in killing their counterparts. Hence, games desensitize young people to violence.

Candy crush is no more sweet

Now trending game, which is seen in most of the android devices is Candy Crush. It is a great game when it is played in a limited level. It is a fine game which entertains but latest news says that most of the Australians have already lost their control in this habit. An unset wife said that her husband spent 100 dollars to but new lives during the game, which made her mad.

Some hooked addicts to game say that their blood rushes to head, pulse quickens. Hence, brains are such affected when someone is taking drugs and cocaine.

Parents be careful and be a watch dog while your kids play games on devices!

  • I don’t say playing video games or on tablets is an evil thing unless you are not addicted and influence you.


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