Scabies: What Is it And How to Prevent It?

Scabies: What Is it And How to Prevent It?

It has been reported that each year 300 million people suffer from a disease known as Scabies. It’s a highly contagious and itchy skin disease that spreads by small species of mite. Scabies mites are very tiny eight-legged parasites. They can not fly and jump, but they can crawl. They are only 0.3-0.4mm long, and can only be seen with the help of either a microscope or a magnifying glass. A severe itch is the primary symptom of this disease.

The disease causes intense itching and is commonly transferred during sexual contact. Many doctors have recognized it as a sexually transmitted disease. Mites of scabies are motionless on temperatures below 20°C but they can live for a long period even under those temperatures. Skin rashes composed of small red blisters and bumps can be seen on the body of people who are suffering from this disease. It affects only some specific parts of the body.

Fortunately, preventing this disease isn’t too hard. It can be easily prevented by help of some oral as well as topical drugs. Many drugs manufacturers make drugs especially for this disease.The most commonly used treatment is usage of a prescription cream. This cream kills the mite and also helps in healing the rashes caused due to this disease. However, for quick results, anti-itching medicines (eatable)are also provided to the patient.Apart from medication some precautions also available which can be taken at home for preventing Scabies. Although anyone can not handle the case of scabies without the help of a doctor, still there are some first steps which should be taken for preventing the effect of infection.

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These steps are given below:
• Wash all the clothes, towels and bed sheets you have used in time span of last 3 days. Use hot water for washing and instead of air drying make use of an iron.
• Cut your nails and clean their edges. This will ensure that mites or eggs are not remaining in your nails.
• Clean your carpets, furniture and bedding etc. with a vacuum cleaner.
• Don’t scratch your body. Keep your sores clean and avoid scratching because it can increase infection and severity of rashes.
As a final piece of advice, if a person in your family is suffering from scabies then all family members or sexual partners and close contacts should also be treated for scabies on the same time, otherwise infection may show up in someone else after sometime.