Role of good wife in your Pursuit of happiness

role of wife for happiness-Daily health tips
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Not necessarily a good wife, but a good life partner in general can make a significant contribution to your happiness. Society has seen man – woman relationship grow with each and every generation.  There’s a saying that behind every successful man is a woman who supports him in both good and bad times. For a child the woman is the mother, the growing up kid can find the similar bond to share with his sister and a young adolescent lover seeks that support from his lover and when he is married it is his wife which become the source of his happiness.

A good wife will take care of your health:  She will cook for you when you want good food, she will nurse for you if you are unwell and she will look after your house. Your wife will complete your life,provided that you are in love with her.

A good wife will support you in your bad times: A good wife is known to sacrifice for her happiness,for the sake of the family. She will give her 100% time and commitment towards looking after the family. She will rear the kids and imbibe them with good value system so that they grow up to be the respectable members of the family.

A good wife will encourage you to follow your dreams: The wife will push you to perform better in your profession so that at the end of it, you both can enjoy the fruits of success. It is the duty of every partner to support each other from time to time. She will make all the efforts to prepare you for your goal in life.

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A good wife is a good life partner:  Life is a journey where we all are looking for our other half. A good wife will give you the much needed company so that you can travel with her, love her, make children and build a family to complete the circle of life. A good wife is above all a good partner who understands you completely.

A good wife is a good friend: Friendship is the base of any relationship. Without it, no relationship can sustain. If you want a good wife, you need to find a friend with whom you can set small goals of life and collectively work towards achieving it. Your wife will give you the moral and emotional support which a friend is known to give from time to time.

Above all, you can enjoy your marriage with good wife only when you both love each other completely to not hide anything from each other. You both understand each other’s silence than mere words and you are embarking upon the journey of life because you both have found each other to be compatible for living. A good wife can contribute towards your happiness only when you give her the love, respect, security and honor of being your wife. Your lover and your soulmate.