Role of family in your Pursuit of Happiness

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Behind the successful growth of an individual lies the support of a family. A family can be a group of individuals  who are either related to you by blood or the ones you provide all the right kind of support to lead this life. Family give you the emotional, financial  and moral support; apart from nurturing your growth as an individual, giving you the love you need and the faith to trust blindly.

Here are some of the reasons to believe why it’s a blissful life to have a family around you:

  • Your family is always there for you in good and bad times: Even if you are highly successful in life or have failed to achieve your dreams, to your family you are still the same person. They love you for who you are and not what you have gained or lost in life. Therefore, it is certainly a blessing to have a strong support system to guide you through the difficult path of life.
  • There are many children without a family: Each passing day, we must be thankful to God for gifting us the joy of being with our family. There are many orphaned children who do have the fortune to have a family and therefore, have to struggle to live life alone. We must give back to our family and do something that makes them proud of us.
  • Your family will never make you feel lonely in life: Health experts say that people with strong social support remain four times healthier than those who are alone. Hence, having a health is not only good for your health,but helps overcome the difficulties of life which gives rise to various mental diseases like depression which is normally born out of loneliness.
  • You share your happiness with your family: With a strong support system, you can celebrate your highest and lowest point of life with your family. Your family is always there to be proud of your achievements and correct you when you are taking a wrong decision of life. Apart from that,  your family will realize the true essence of your hard work and celebrate your happiness in true sense.
  • Your family encourages you to follow your dreams: A good family will always encourage you to realize your dreams first than to impose their ambitions on you. Therefore, identify the qualities of a good family and seek their advice, moral support, give them your time and share your problems with them. They will advise you to take the correct steps without being biased.
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These are some of the factors which significantly contribute towards the pursuit of your happiness. Having said that, it is also important to identify whether your family or support system is fully supportive of your pursuits in life or not. Try to communicate with them as much as possible to resolve any differences which can hamper your relationship with your loved ones, especially the one you call as ‘family’.