Rock Dwayne Johnson – The positive man

Rock-The positive man

He has been a wrestler. A fighter who has no given up and has always had the determination to continue his goal in life. Apart from a thriving career in the world of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson has also tried his fortune in the world of acting.  He is known for films like The Scorpion King, The Other Guys, Fast and Furious and so on. The wrestler turned actor has also penned down his autobiography The Rock Says…which was published in the year of 2000.

Here’s more on why the multi-talented personality of Rock Dwayne Johnson has been a source of inspiration for the millions of fans all across the world.

  • Rock Dwayne’s Charismatic Personality:   Whenever he appears, he charms his audience with his charismatic personality. Without having this personality, he wouldn’t have been able to transform from minor fame to the super stardom of the personality.
  • His competitive spirit:  The driving force for his success has been the competitive spirit. Everything that he has done so far, he has given his best into the performances. He has never settled for anything less and has always given his best at all the times.
  • He is Entertaining:  Be it his “people’s eyebrow” or charming smile, his entertainment has boasted a positive atmosphere and brought about smile and enthusiasm across his fans all over the world.  He is a likable personality who easily gets to become a source of inspiration for many people.
  • Successful family-life:  After his football career ended, he got the support from his father who was a former wrestler. Infact, his uncles and grandfathers were all wrestlers. He took inspiration from his family to be where he is today.
  • Hardworking:  The Rock mentioned that the failure of his football career, devastated him, but it also made him work harder to realize his dreams and form his wrestling career.  He recalls training for hours each day and he contributes his hard-working ethic to his success.
  • He found a mentor:   His football coach, a probation officer started a football team and took over the responsibility of training Dwayne. Whatever he has learnt so far has been due to the hard work of his football coach.
  • He learnt from his failures:  He has spent 10 years in the training of football before his dream ended. However, his failure hit him so hard that he took the responsibility of shaping his career by giving his best to the career as a wrestler.
  • Dwyane took risks:  Taking risk in life enabled the superstar to venture from wrestling to acting. He could have become an unsuccessful actor which would have also impacted his sports career, but he was brave enough to pick up the opportunity and give his best to deserve the success.
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This dynamic and larger than life personality of Dwyane Johnson is what makes him a hero among his fans across the globe.  There’s a lot to learn from his interesting life.


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