How to rid yourself of a Grudge


Harboring a grudge is like walking around with a pain in the neck. It never really goes regardless of the remedy, until one day you simply locate the lifestyle habit causing the pain and stop it.

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Life is like a cycle of endless ups and downs. Sometimes you may encounter problems at work, within family and friends. There is nothing however as bad as a problem being caused by individuals attributed to these three categories. The hurt and pain arising from a sense of betrayal can force you into depression till a point reaches where the bitterness converts itself into a big grudge.

The only person affected by a grudge is you. You not only carry weight of a feeling of malice towards someone you carry the negative memories attached to it. The result is an unhealthy frame of mind not only affecting your mental stability when in close proximity of the person concerned, you also become revengeful.

Forgiveness Is a Virtue

There are ways and means to rid yourself of such a situation. However the first initial step should come from you. Ask yourself how forgiving are you? Have you also wronged others who may have forgiven you, do the effects detrimental to your well being outweigh the nature of the problem. A quiet moment of introspection will help you clear your mind to think rationally. Putyourself in the other person’s shoes. Was he or she compelled to act against you? Were your actions equally responsible?

To err as someone once said is human, you definitely know the rest. Forgiveness is letting go. Getting rid of that weight on your shoulders, that pain in your neck. Have you ever realized the physical ill effects of a grudge? High or low blood pressure depending on your psychological tolerance of emotional pain. Addiction and low self esteem too.

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 How Do You Forgive?

Forgiving isn’t just forgiving a person for his misdeeds. It is an act of great spirituality which helps you come to terms with yourself and brings you peace of mind. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you ready?
  • Is my grudge really justified?
  • Is it worth my existing pain
  • Am I really a victim

A great remedy for ridding yourself of such negativity is confiding in someone. Talking helps. So choose a close friend or confidante and discuss your problems. You will be surprised how ordinary folk in our lives can make an intelligent but simple analysis of a problem.

It sounds easy to state these words ‘be positive’. Granted there are such situations in life which force us to think differently, but again is it really worth it. Dwell on the positive aspects of life. Learn to accept your situation as a part of life which may not exist tomorrow. Dwelling on the past shrouds your mind from experiencing every beautiful aspect of life. Do you really deserve that?