Snore too much?…Learn how to stop snoring when you sleep

Stop snoring while sleeping-Learn how-Daily health tips

Snoring is very common problem and can affect you in ways you don’t expect. It can hamper relationships as it often disturbs healthy life of your partner by disturbing his/her sleep.  In some extreme cases couples have gone ahead and got divorced due to problems aggravated by snoring.

There are various medical and surgical options available and based on different age and health parameters it may have helped people. However, there are simpler and natural ways to get a relief.

Aromatherapy : Essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus through steam inhalation can help a great deal in clearing mucus and opening up your nasal passages. Just add a few drops of these oils before you go to sleep and feel the difference

Lifestyle Changes: It is observed that if you make few important lifestyle changes and lose weight, it can help reduce your snoring. Just eat the right food and do regular exercising to keep yourself going.

Quitting smoking and drinking also helps in reducing snoring. When you smoke the smoke actually irritates the membranes in your throat and nasal passages causing you to snore. Take lots of water as it helps to reduce the mucus thickness which otherwise become thick and sticky and cause snoring

Avoid caffeine, dairy, and soy milk as it helps to produce mucus in your nose and throat, the primary cause of snoring

Sleeping posture: People who sleep on their back often face snoring problems as their tongues falls back and blocks the airway passage while they sleep on their backs. A good idea in such cases is to avoid sleeping on your back by either raising you head through adding an extra pillow or simply attach a tennis ball to your back (to avoid sleeping on your back)

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Keep your room clean, well ventilated and make sure you catch up enough sleep.

Open Nasal Passage & Reduce Allergies: If you are allergic to dust and pollens, make sure that you clean you rooms with any allergens such as dust, pet dander and mold. People who snore because of seasonal allergies and cold are advised to steam or have a hot water bath before they go off to sleep.

Opening up nasal passages by rinsing your nasal passage with a salt-water solution (if you can) is also advisable.

Nasal Strip: Nasal strips keep you nostrils apart and helps in clear breathing which reduces snoring too.

These were some of the best known natural ways to reduce snoring…Please take complete rest of 7-8 hours as this helps you reduce your stress and keep you healthy long life and snore free!