Ranbir Kapoor and his #HealthMantra

Ranbir Kapoor health
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Well, that hot looks, successful films…That royal kind of a family background and star parents thats not all…Ranbir kapoor has
a star trainer to keep him healthy and get him that lean look to die for!!

Wondering how is behind all this?…The name is Pradeep Bhatia, wh has trained Neetu Singh (Ranbir’s mother) before. he is beeen with
Ranbir for more than year adn Bohyy!!…Isn’t he is doing a good job?

Ranbir's trainer
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We all know he is a busy man and to get him the health attention Pradeep travels with him on all the shoots.He does not prefer to do Yoga and Swimming…He spends his gyming hours in Bollywood Actor Sanjay Dutt’s
gym and likes to work on his upper body.

His diet plan consists of;
BREAKFAST: Milk with cornflakes and a banana/Egg white omelette and brown bread toast with a glass of fresh juice. Black/espresso coffee.

For lunch Tandoori chicken with daal and two chapaatis.

For dinner: Grilled salmon, fish, and chicken.

When is out for shoot: Fruits and juices, green tea and Darjeeling tea.

Supplements he takes: Multi- vitamins and whey protein shakes twice a day .

He has this penchant for Pepsi and likes to have cake every now and then…Sweet enough? 😛

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