Ragi Idlis with Tomato Chutney #HealthyFoodRecipes @guestposts

Ragi Idlis with Tomato Chutney #HealthyFoodRecipes

Today with such a health conscious people around us and people wanting to have only healthy food.Lets talk about some healthy recipes which are simple to make and tasty in its own way. Without much of calories you can easily make them at home whenever you want

• Ragi Flour(One cup)
• Urad Daal(One cup)
• Salt(2 tsp)
• Water(2 tablespoon)
• Oil/Ghee(1 tsp)
• Eating soda(pinch)

Method : Soak a cup of Urad daal overnight in water and make a fine paste of it in grinder the next morning.Mix Ragi flour in it in equal quantity. Add salt to taste and water and make a consistency to a thick paste so that the batter has a consistency. Add a small pinch of eating soda in it and allow the batter to ferment for half an hour. Now take a steamer or a cooker, add some water and keep it for boiling. In a idli stand, apply some ghee or oil for greasing and add the available batter in it. Keep the stand in cooker without the pressure and allow it to steam well for 20mins. Hot Idli will be ready to eat. You can serve this with authentic tomato chutney.

Recipe for tomato chutney:

• Tomatoes(4-5 Chopped in cubes)
• Turmeric(1 tsp)
• Tamarind(1 tablespoon)
• Curry leaves(4-5)
• Green chilies(2)
• Coriander(finely chopped)
• Red chili powder(2 tsp)
• Jaggery(a cube)
• Methi seeds(4-5)
• Oil(1 tsp)
• Jeera
Method :
In a pan,take some oil,add jeera,methi seeds,green chillies,curry leaves,turmeric and then add tomatoes to it.Add salt and allow tomatoes to cook well.Add some tamarind juice to it and jaggery cube and red chilli powder to it.With this the tomatoes will leave some water.Let it cook well and allow all the water to drain well keeping it on low flame.Once this is done add the coriander leaves at the end and allow the mixture to cool well.Once you see the mixture is colled down then in a grinder ,grind it well but make sure you donot grind it in a paste.Allow it to be a semi paste form so that it is more tastier.
This chutney is perfect combination of sweet and tangy taste and can be served with idlis, dosas or any other pancakes.The spiciness of it makes it tasty really good.You can make it and keep it in fridge for 10 days for storage.

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