Quotes about happiness are not merely sayings they are experiences

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Quotes are the real life experiences of legends who give us their valuable words of wisdom and make us aware of the possibilities in our path. Happiness which every human being seeks to find in life, happiness which is the very essence of a man is something that is inseparable from his entity.  Some of the quotes are real life experiences of ordinary human beings.

For instance, in the famous book and film, “Into the Wild” – traveler Christopher McCandles who embarks a solo journey of travelling to Alaska, ultimately realizes that “Happiness is only real when shared”. To him, the idea of happiness is the celebration of two individuals and it is not just a sole experience of one person. After travelling to so many places around the world, meeting new people and learning new skills – we can certainly think a lot on his quote and derive some wisdom from his experience as a traveler.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

To the world, Mahatma Gandhi is a symbol of a man who followed the path of truth, non-violence and struggled with the people of India to get her independence. In his quote, we get to understand the beauty of happiness exemplified with controlling your thoughts, watching your actions and above all to stem for a way of life which gives us inner peace and keeps us in harmony with our nature. To Gandhi, Happiness is a way of life. Something that is found in each and every action of human being from his thoughts, to his words and to his actions.

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Above all, one should experience happiness on its own to know the essence of it. Happiness can be found anywhere but it is ultimately a journey of evolution and not just a mere destination. For instance, happiness for a child is to long for a toy and as grow up as young adults, happiness is the desire to seek love and later on happiness blossoms into the inner- world where it is found in the subtle and simple pursuits of life like gardening, cooking, reading , travelling and so on. Above all, happiness is an act of compassion and altruism where you finally begin to understand that happiness is an act of self-realization in which there is no “I” but “We” where happiness springs from sharing and helping those who are in need. To each his own but one thing is certain, happiness is the basic journey of life which leads us to our destination of life and our basic purpose of living on this earth.