Primary Causes of Neck Pain and Its Treatments

Primary Causes of Neck Pain and Its Treatments
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Neck pain is a common problem among many adults and probably is one of the most common reasons for the visit to a doctor. It is a problem that occurs with muscles, ligaments and tendons, so it is mechanical in nature. There are two types of neck pain – traumatic and non-traumatic.

Traumatic pain occurs due to an accident or any other physical damage while non-traumatic pain occurs without any physical damage. Non-Traumatic pain is more common as compared to traumatic pain so in this article we will discuss about non-traumatic neck pain.

In most cases non-traumatic neck pain occurs because of an improper posture while sitting. Most people do not sit on the chair in a proper posture – when they sit, their backbone is bent slightly forward, which causes shoulders to be positioned in the forward direction. When shoulders bend in forward direction, the neck bends a little downwards.

In such a forward bent posture if person wants to see ahead, he/she must stretch the neck upwards. From a medical perspective this is a very unnatural position. However, very few people think of it as unnatural. This stretched position of neck becomes the root causeof non-traumatic neck pain. If this position is not changed and followed for several years, the muscles of the neck become weak which ultimately leads to more strain and pain.

If not treated properly then neck pain may result in severe health problems like prolapses, spinal disk herniations, spinal arthritis and even bone fracture in some worst scenarios. Sometimes it may also cause problems in other parts of body like severe headaches and shoulder pain etc.

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However, improper sitting posture isn’t the only cause of non-traumatic neck pain. Some other causes include:
• Abnormalities of joints or bones
• Muscle strain
• Tumors
• Degenerative diseases
• Trauma

Apart from that, the risk of this problem increases significantly in some special people. These people include, but are not limited to:
• People who work on computer excessively
• People who ride fast
• People who read excessively
• People who have suffered from spine or shoulder injuries
• People who smoke

Fortunately, this health problem can be treated perfectly without any surgery or other complicated medical procedures. The best way to diagnose this problem is following proper sitting posture and combining chiropractic treatment with therapeutic exercises. Chiropractic treatment provides nourishment to muscles and improves the ability of nervous system to communicate with muscles while therapeutic exercises improve the strength of muscles.

The end result of this combined treatment and proper posture comes in the form of decreased neck pain. But keep in mind that these treatments won’t work effectively if you don’t follow proper sitting posture!

However, if you are suffering from severe pain then some other treatments are applied. For example: medication like Aleve, Motrin or acetaminophen. None of these medicines should be taken without doctor’s advice because drug will work for you depends largely on the reason of your pain.