Health Tips for new mothers and pregnant ladies

Pregnancy tips for new mothers-health tip for pregnant mothers

The time of pregnancy holds to be one of the most crucial and life changing experience for a woman, where she dawns the role of a “to be mother” to the child.  As a pregnant woman, it can be an empowering feeling to give birth to a new born baby. You can enjoy your pregnancy by following certain tips to enjoy being a mother to the new born child.

  • Eat a well planned out balanced diet meals each day: You can enjoy nourishing and taking care of yourself during the time of pregnancy.  Try and eat the right kind of food which will help your baby get the required amount of nutrition, protein, vitamins so that you can easily give birth to a healthy child.
  • Drink lots of fluids – On an average, each day, the mother should drink atleast 8-10 glass of fluids. Avoid smoking or drinking. It is dangerous for the child’s health. Try and indulge yourself in delightful fluids.
  • Exercise – In order to keep a check on your health, you must do the general exercise tips which are recommended for pregnant mother by the experts. You can enroll yourself in pregnancy exercise class where you can socially discuss various topics on pregnancy with other pregnant women. Apart from that, you must develop the habit of going for a walk for about fifteen to twenty minutes everyday at a moderate pace. Walk in cool, green environment or walk indoors in order to prevent overheating.
  • Sleep well – While this can be a tricky situation for the pregnant woman, sleep for atleast eight hours a day. If you are suffering from any disturbance in relation to sleep, try to take afternoon naps during the day-time or seek the help of physician.
  • To prevent swelling of the feet to occur or fatigue to take over your body – wear comfortable,non-restricting shoes and put your feet up several times during the day.
  • Do not take medicines without the advice of your Doctor. Don’t eat or drink anything that can hamper the growth of the child. Ask for a doctor’s advice in relation to anything that you eat or drink.
  • Read good books – It is important to develop pleasant thoughts during the time of pregnancy. Therefore, as a pregnant mother, you must devote time to reading good books which helps you grow internally and spiritually. The pregnant woman can share the pleasant thoughts with the baby inside the womb.
  • Watch films, Enjoy life: You can enjoy life in your pregnancy. Rest, watch good films, go to selected places which offers the comfort of nature. You can also go for long drives with your husband. Share these intimate moments with your loved ones and enjoy the best of this period. Your child inside, is also experiencing all these tender moments through you. Therefore, you must give him/her the opportunity to get exposed to the beauty of the external world.
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Above all, do not take stress. Avoid negative thoughts and live the best of this moment.