Potassium Enriched Food for Healthy Dietary Regimens

Potassium Enriched Food for Healthy Dietary Regimens

The importance of potassium in diet can’t be ignored. In fact, every element from potassium to calcium to vitamins to minerals has its own significance for human body. However, the sad part of story is that most people around the globe remain quite unaware of potassium’s importance. If a person fails in providing the required input of potassium to body by any case and does not replenish those quantities soon, he/she may eventually face the problem of cardiac arrest or any other form of heart problems. And it doesn’t stop there –kidney stones, osteoporosis, hypokalemia and various other kidney related diseases may also increase the difficulties of that person. So let’s take a look at some foods that must be a part of our daily diet for providing enough potassium to our bodies:

Fruits: The very first items in list of potassium rich foods are fruits, especially the ones given below:

  • Bananas. Sufficient intake of bananas helps in prevention of muscular cramps, heart problems and kidney related problems. It has even been said that they also help in successfully preventing breast, colorectal and renal cell cancer.
  • Raisin, on the other side, helps in decreasing both cholesterol and high blood pressure while providing enough potassium to body.
  • Other fruits can also help in fulfilling the requirement of potassium, namely Apricots, Prunes, Dates, Avocados and Kiwi fruits.

Beverages: After taking a look at fruits let’s take a look at Beverages that provide enough potassium to body:

  • Milk turns out to be a great source of potassium for many people (and perhaps the primary source for those who don’t eat fruits regularly). Although potassium is mostly considered salt, in milk it is found in protein form along with calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals. Regular milk consumption helps in preventing cancer, osteoporosis, dehydration, respiratory problems, hypertension and even obesity whether you believe it or not.
  • The similar story stands for yogurt, which all of us know is a dairy product. Regular intake of yogurt prevents health issues like inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, diarrhoea and constipation. In fact, a recent study even suggested that it reduces the risk of diabetes.
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By making at least one food from the list given above a part of your diet plan you can easily provide the required amount of potassium to your body.