#MythBreaker: A woman can be father and mother V/s A father can only be a father

single fathers

To a growing child, a woman can be both the father and mother, whereas a father can only be a father. While this is looked upon as a general point of view in the society, it somehow has traces of truth to it. However, exceptions to the story always exist. There have been proud single fathers as well. But this happens seldom in our society.

It comes very naturally to a mother to play the role of a perfect guardian. After keeping the baby for a long period of nine months, she becomes emotionally connected to the child. Therefore, rearing a child from a mother’s perspective is entirely different from that of a father. A mother of the child give him/her the most natural gift of the world – unconditional love. A mother of the child can breastfeed the child, to give him/her the essential nutrients which will nourish the body of the child.

Apart from that women can fetch for the basic needs of the child – from picking up the right kind of cloth to wear to teaching him/her to eat or walk. This trait or habit comes naturally to the mother where she doesn’t have to make an effort in knowing the need of the child. Perhaps so, the child is connected to the mother even before he/she has taken birth, suggest the beautiful bond of a mother and child  where a woman can comfortably become both the mother and the father to the child. With the growing economic opportunities, women are multitasking in great ways. They are not only cooking and rearing the child, but also fetching for the economic needs. They are earning by switching to various jobs where the professional as well as the personal life of a woman can be balanced.

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The father of the child is essentially known to provide the financial needs for the family. A father is a source of aspiration for the child. A father introduces the child to the world of learning – he instills the professional ethics as well as trains him/her to physically and mentally face the world. However, it is very difficult for the father to give the love of a mother to a child. He may try and succeed with it if the child is understanding and mature but more or less a child also demands the love of a mother which is an unconditional bond that cannot be matched or compared with any relationship of the world.