#Mythbreaker: Watching TV too closely will harm your vision

#Mythbreaker: Watching TV too closely will harm your vision

This is an old advice passed down to every generation about the harmful effects of watching a television. But the Question that stands here is how true is the possibility of the vision getting affected by watching television closely. Here are some of the common myths related to the eye’s health and television viewing, which needs to be addressed to the health seeker with a rational perspective. Do not get blinded by what other’s say, allow the vision of rationality to seep into your behavior.
• Myth: Sitting very close to the television is bad for the eyes : There have been no evidence that sitting in front of the television has harmed the vision of an individual. Health institutes report that kids have the ability to focus too closely without any strain, than adults. However, sitting too closely in front of the television can result in the development of nearsightedness.
• Myth: Eating Carrot can improve your vision: Although it’s somewhat true that carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is highly essential for sight, so are many other food products such as milk,apricots,asparagus,nectarines. A well maintained diet can help in providing good vision, not necessarily so to be obtained only from eating carrot.
• Myth: Watch television from a distance: Watching television from a far off distance is also not good for your vision. The reason? Being so that the television viewing from a far off distance will put strains in your eyes and make your vision weaker. By putting in a lot of strain, not only is the vision being harmed, but it also leads to frequent headaches.
• Myth: Prevention of vision loss is extremely difficult: Flashes of light, blurred vision, pain in the eyes are all early signs and symptoms that you should see your doctor. Depending on the cause of the vision, the treatment can be successful but don’t lose hope and be alert about the condition of the eyes. Going for a checkup with a good doctor can considerably help the situation.
There are lots of myths and facts related to the study of vision. However, one must critique the facts and accept it from a reliable source. Just don’t go by blind sayings. It is more harmful than affecting your vision. Certainly so, one must constantly be updated with facts in the world of health to distinguish between the facts from the myths. Be alert and keep eating healthy food and practicing a simple lifestyle, which could aid in providing a good eye sight.

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