#MythBreaker:  To lose weight,  low fat diet is a must

To lose weight, you must diet-Myth or fact?

In a desperate attempt to lose weight, many people believe that a low fat diet can help them shed the accumulated fat in the body. While  this is held to be a general opinion, which majority of individuals consider while opting for dieting. Weight loss is good for the body to be in shape, but if the loss in weight is achieved by compromising on the essential nutrients and vitamins that the body require everyday then it is not a productive deal to invest on your health.

There are various ways in which one can shed weight by remaining healthy. Here are some of the common myths related to the low fat diet,which results in producing an unhealthy and weak body.

  • Carbohydrates are bad for the health: Without the addition of calories, you can still enjoy eating the simple carbohydrate food items which include – refined sugar, starch,white rice, various fruits and vegetables, consumed in optimal quantity will keep you fresh and healthy throughout the day without losing out on your dieting plan.
  • The more you work out in the gym, the better are the chances of shedding weight: Exercise does not aid in burning the calories. Physical activity of any kind can help in burning calories – be it sleeping, standing or sitting. The more vigorous an activity, the better are chances of burning fat.  So if you have a lot of calory intake in a day, you can significantly burn it up not by hitting the gym, but by vigorously working hard to achieve a perfect body.
  • Low fat diet is the way to a slimmer body:  Eat moderately but do not leave it. You can always balance the effect of eating meat, oil food items which are rich in fat by engaging yourself in physical activity. Apart from adding fats to the body, some of these food items also provide the much needed vitamins,proteins and nutrients to the body. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a low fat diet then be prepared to feel physically weak throughout the day.
  • Skipping meals can help in losing weight: You can skip meal once, twice, but if your body will feel hungry you will demand food in large proportion. Instead, of skipping the meal, it is advisable to eat in smaller proportion so that the body doesn’t feel hungry. Skipping the meal can lead to a lot of harmful consequences such as dehydration, make the body acidic and all tend to make you weak throughout the day.
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These are the commonly known myths which people blindly follow in their attempt to lose weight. Losing weight has its own technique. Follow the advice of a good and wise trainer who can suggest other ways of staying fit and healthy while shedding the weight.