#MythBreaker: A little of smoking is not harmful V/s a little of smoking can make you a smoker  

 #MythBreaker: A little of smoking is not harmful V/s a little of smoking can make you a smoker  

Every cigarette packet issues a statuary warning that smoking causes cancer. Smokers who are addicted to smoking never take the warning seriously. Sooner or later, they do realize that if not cancer, smoking has made them weaker and also resulted in causing several other diseases which are not informed to rest of the smokers. The most obvious defence mechanism that smokers used against the bad habit of smoking is that a little bit of smoking is not harmful.  Smoking contains the harmful caffeine which is not good for your lungs. Not only does the lung gets affected, but it takes years to get the lungs cleaned due to smoking.

A smoker by smoking is filtering waste into his system which does not go away from the system easily. Moreover, it results in affecting the immunity system of the body,thus making it difficult for the body to fight against any disease. This suggests that a smoker lacks the physical ability to fight against any disease which can harm his/her body. For females, who are addicted to smoking, a lot of complications may arise during the time of pregnancy. Therefore, they must take proper care of their body and should not get addicted to smoking.

Smoking  affects your hunger. It harms your appetite and the body gradually becomes weaker and weaker. It is unable to function well. The face becomes pale and the person starts to look unattractive. The color of the lips begin to fade. There are lots of harmful affects of smoking and it is suggested that those who are prone to smoking must do whatever they can to leave it.

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The idea of smoking, which begins with a tempting thought of trying out gradually takes the turn of a serious addiction. With 1-2 smoking each day, it rises to a packet per day and the person becomes trapped in becoming a chain smoker. Smoking, then becomes the solution to any stress or problem in life. This results in harming in body and gradually one allows the system to get used to smoking. Without smoking, the body doesn’t function.

Those who wish to get out of the bad habit of smoking must first recognize the fact that if not today, sooner or later smoking will create harmful consequences in life. If the natural health is gifted to us, we must make every possible way to remain healthy in life. Health is the ultimate wealth and no amount of compromise must be done to remain unhealthy or get addicted to harmful substance which makes our life – a dangerous deal and not a beautiful celebration.