#MythBreaker: Heart attacks are accompanied by excruciating pain


It is a popularly known myth that heart attacks are accompanied by excruciating pain. The lack of knowledge about the heart, it’s health and ill-health has deluded the public into believing in lots of irrational myths. To some extent, it is true that there are various triggers of an attack, but before going into the facts of addressing the disease, one must understand the common myths and reject it for the betterment of improving the knowledge on heart related issues.

#MythBreaker: Heart attacks are accompanied by excruciating pain

• Chest pain can cause heart attack: Though its fairly common to have chest pain during a heart attack but some of the commonly known symptoms include – pain in one of the arms, jaw, back or neck. So in such a case, such experience persist, immediately call a nearby doctor to inquire about the actual disease that you are suffering from.
• Diabetes won’t increase the risk of an attack: The blood sugars are under control during diabetes and this leads to an increase risk of a heart attack. If you are a patient of diabetes, it is suggested that you go and ask for heart related advices from the doctors.
• If the heart disease runs in the family, I cannot find a cure to it: You can always take steps to reduce the risk of a heart disease even if it runs in the family. Eat better, manage your blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight and diet. Eat better. These steps can lessen the chances of heart disease.
• During a heart attack, the heart stops beating: The heart may continue to beat, during a heart attack and you must immediately call the doctor. Therefore, don’t wait for any consequences and immediately report it to the doctor.
• Coughing can reduce the chance of a heart attack: You cannot cough a heart attack away! This is a misleading news. Only doctors or heart specialists know the trick of restoring the normal rhythm of the heart. If you experience a heart attack, immediately call the doctor or a neighbor near you.
There are lots of myths related to the heart disease. But only through the development of a good lifestyle and eating proper food can a person be healthy enough to sustain the heart for the longest period of time. Above all, reject unwanted myths and keep your heart healthy and free from stress of life.

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