#Mythbreaker: You only fall in love once

#Mythbreaker You only fall in love once

Love is the most basic requirement of any human being. It is in the nature of a man to be liked, admired and appreciated by his fellow human beings. In the life span of an average human being, the degree of love varies and changes accordingly. For instance, for a new born child, who is unaware of the ways of the world, love means the love for his parents or whomsoever is being the guardian of the child. Love for a young adolescent, is the newly developed crush he/she had made in a school or a locality. Love for an adult is the undying and passionate tale which compels him/her to take drastic steps of life. Love for an old and wise man can probably be the love for he newly found interest in gardening or painting. Therefore, one thing is certain – love is constantly evolving in the lifespan of a human being.

Love is the journey and not the destination. The various phases of life decide how true is our love for another person. However, human beings in general  desire to live with a partner whom they love unconditionally. Not everyone is lucky or fortunate to accomplish such a desire in life. But those who do, understand the value of love. Love when turn into a relationship invites various responsibilities of life. It is then a form of duty. It also comes with a lot of other factors such as commitment, trust, partnership – a journey of life which is travelled by two people who have the same destination of life.

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However, the youth is deluded into lots of false beliefs in relation to love. If the love is not mutual or doesn’t fulfill their desires, they turn to extreme ways of getting it – either by force or by harming themselves. Love can never be attained by force or power. It requires absolute freedom. A complete free environment to nurture and evolve in life. But some people misinterpret the notion of love and take drastic steps in life which can hurt their loved ones. For instance, committing suicide or forcefully attempting to influence pressure on someone to love you can be the negative factor of love which hampers the life of today’s youngsters. One must understand that life is too long and it goes on..

If one successfully sails across the forest of temptation, one is certain to be gifted by the most blissful sensation of love – one that begins with the love for one self and ends with a compassionate tale of showering it onto others. Only those who love themselves truly are capable of loving someone else.