#MythBreaker: Herbs are natural and therefore not harmful


Complications in health related matters arise when people do not try and research more on health related problems in life. One of the most common delusions that people easily buy is that just because the ingredient is natural, it will be good for the health. While, on one hand, advertisement companies take advantage of such claims to sell out their products. Therefore, before you fall for any herbal remedy, inquire about it. Here are some of the commonly held beliefs in relation to herbs which is a myth.
• Herbs are natural, so it must be good for the health: Not really. There are many plants which are poisonous and may complicate the health of an individual. Some of the plants may also increase the risk of developing kidney toxicity or liver toxicity. There have been cases where certain hubs have caused bleeding problems to the individual. Pregnant women need to take extra precaution. The herb extracts may contain high doses of alcohol.
• Herbs are good for the skin: Using herbal supplements may well affect your skin, but only if the ingredients are made from the natural extracts. The common public is ill-informed about the ways in which it has been made. In case of products which sells under false claims, seeing is not believing. Therefore, unless you know through experience that the herbal supplement has benefited you, there’s no point in using it again. So, try it, but examine the details carefully.
• Herbal products are cheap: They are not. Since the real ones are made up of natural extracts, they are expensive. The fake herbal products are sold at a much reasonable price to generate income in the market. Otherwise, it is really expensive to buy the herbal product.
• Herbs are anti-depressant: While a few herbs may be anti-depressant but a large portion of it is not. In fact, there are adverse effects of herbs if it does not suit your body. For instance, development of skin rashes and eruptions. Select the herb carefully. Don’t just blindly go by false claims or recommendations. It is advised to go to the store and study the herb carefully. Some of them may surprise you with their benefits but the few herbs are a result of careful selection which is recommended by a good expert of natural extracts or is selected by a wise herbal consumer.

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