Too much air conditioning?… Here are the adverse effects


Too much air conditioning… Here are the adverse effects

Air conditioning harms

Air Conditioner is almost used everywhere across the world. While it is a great relief to walk into a room with cool temperature, it is known to adversely affect your health. There are places where the air conditioner runs all the time. People are so used to the comfort of living under an air-conditioner that they can avoid living or going to places which does not have an air conditioner. In case you feel the need to educate yourself more on this, here’s a list of top 5 harmful effects caused by using the air conditioner.

  • Constant Fatigue: Are you tired of work by not working at all? Well, research shows that people who constantly use air conditioner tend to get easily tired and also experience chronic headaches. Those who work in buildings which constantly provide the coolness of the air may also experience breathing difficulties and problems in the mucous membrane. This makes the person prone to diseases like cold flu, fever and other illness.
  • Skin Irritation, Dryness: Long leisurely hours spent in air conditioner without the realization that it is actually harming your skin. Long hours spent in the air conditioner leads to the dryness of the skin and you slowly tend to lose the moisture. You can save your skin from harmful irritation and dryness by constantly applying a skin moisturizer.
  • Leads to Chronic Illness: Air Conditioner’s exposure can enhance the disease with which you are already suffering. Ac is not to increase the symptoms of low blood pressure, neuritis and arthritis, making pain management very difficult for those who are addicted to using the air conditioner.
  • Suffocation in heat: Those who are used to the lifestyle of living under the air conditioner can seldom adapt to a lifestyle without an air-conditioner. This can leave them exasperated during the summers where there may not be the scope to use an air conditioner. It increases stress on the body and adversely affects the health of an individual.
  • Breathing problem: Though the temperature of your car maybe saving you from the heat but it is also serving the task of accumulating lot of germs and micro organisms. Researchers have found eight different types of molds living inside 22 out of 25 cars they have tested. Air conditioners are also known to be the cause of air borne diseases like Legionnaire’s disease, which is an infectious disease which results in high fever and pneumonia.
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The remedy for such an addiction would be to depend less and less on air conditioner. It calls for an act of self-control. You may choose to switch on the air conditioners only on summers. Without potential care, AC’s are known to damage the skin. Try to take precautionary measures while using the air conditioners. In younger kids and teenagers, it leads to a disease like obesity. Install it at places where it is necessary and keep a strong watch on providing the exposure to air conditioners on people who need it.


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